That Taurus New Moon When You Pull It Together


Manifest the true transformation at hand

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog, or just the world of astrology in general, you’ve seen that the month of April was quite, as us professionals call it, a shit show. We had the lunar eclipse in Libra that started to make us all feel a bit crazy. But it was even more so the huge square, or cross, that four planets were creating in the sky with their placements. Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars have all been connecting in a way that has been pushing us to get more in tune with our authenticity so that we can manifest the true transformation at hand. You know, no big deal. Just some total soul reclamation type shit!

For me, life has been a whirlwind during these last few weeks. I haven’t been able to keep up with everything that needs to get done. It’s as if the planets have me running a giant life obstacle course right now. However, in the past when feeling overwhelmed, I would allow my frustration to get the best of me and thus sabotage some of my work or personal life. The problem was that I was always focused more on the mistakes of the past or what I was hoping to see happen in the future. That’s how I would relate to my present so everything would be filtered through that, causing chaos. Lately, I’ve been able to shift my perspective so that I can accept my present moment for what it is. With this personal alteration, I am better equipped to run the obstacle course. I don’t trip and fall (as much).


The New Moon in Taurus is here to solidify and ground us into the next chapter of our lives

Have you also been feeling the intensity of these last few weeks? Finding that you’re more upset than usual? Or just stressed, usually because of other people’s mistakes or slow response time to your needs? Well, hopefully like me, you have approached it with a new sense of self. You have seen a bolder, braver, and more patient you step forward to address the issues at hand. Or at least, you have had the thoughts percolate inside that would invite such a change. Well, don’t worry if you haven’t stepped up just yet. Just because April is ending doesn’t mean you don’t still have time to tap into the great energy of change that has been sweeping through. In fact, this week is the perfect time to get into the groove of a new you and make it real.

The New Moon in Taurus is here to solidify and ground us into the next chapter of our lives and being. Taurus is all about tangibility, so it’s time to show your life how you can assert the new you in a more practical way. The new habits should be settling in and taking effect. And it’s also an eclipse, which amplifies its energy in a big way! So if there are new jobs, relationships, or additions to your home, now is the time to really dig into them with gusto and own your need for them in your life. Anything that is unnecessary to this new growth cycle for you should be minimized or completely gone. What should be left are the seeds for a greater, more brilliant chapter of your life. So get to planting, watering, or harvesting what you’ve grown. The proof is in the putting, so put yourself to the test.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each sign:


What do you need to physically manifest into your life right now? Is it some money? Perhaps you just need to will some furniture into a new home or office but just haven’t had the time for it. It could be some good sex or that trip you’ve needed to take. Well know that unless it’s something connected to your soul’s purpose right now, you may have a hard time getting it. So use this new moon to connect to what you need but also WHY you need it. Make sure your intentions are pure and move the things you truly need to the top of the list. Then the Universe will provide and allow you to feel more at home in this new chapter you’re embarking on.


This new moon is whispering to your Pluto that it is time for your life to expand and be as big as the world. However, with that kind of push comes a lot of lessons to learn. So much so that you may feel like you’re almost in school again. Well, everything you’re learning about you and life right now is tied to that key word of expansion. Sure maybe your bank account or your waistline feels like it’s expanding too, but more importantly, so is your perception on the life you want to live. Think back to June of 2012. By no means could you see yourself then living the life you are today. You have expanded your life in a way that has gotten you closer to the dream you wanted to live. So vacuum out any remaining residue from that old mentality and just BE the new you from this point forward. No turning back please.


More than ever, you need to be quiet. Your mind may be leading you down some dark hallways if it’s just regurgitating the same old stories again and again. Can you please be meditating like on the daily for fifteen to twenty minutes? And for real, just get completely quiet with yourself. No music. No guided meditations. You need to learn the difference between your soul’s voice and the voice of your ego that keeps steering you into bad choices. The only way to do that is with some solitude and silence. Now that doesn’t mean I want you to stop having fun. In fact, you should be having fun right now. But it’s not the party til 3am kind of fun. It’s also some quiet fun with friends who you can laugh with and talk to like family. Allow those types to contribute to the good voices you need to be listening to in your head.


This new moon wants you to pay some closer attention to your relationships. Your friends are very key and can help broaden your horizons in ways that you may not even know you need right now. For instance, if you’re a single Cancer but have interest in dating, it’s through friends or an evening with friends that this new person will pop in. Some of your closet friends just need your comforting energy right now too, so if any one pops to mind, reach out to him or her. You will find that by forging a deeper connection with someone in your life, you will also be lead to some sort of self-realization that can help you in the coming months. In all, don’t say no to an invitation. Something or someone important is waiting for you there.


Your larger career purpose is trying to stake a greater claim to the time you spend in your usual day-to-day routine. So maybe you have started a new job that is more in alignment with what you actually want to be doing. Or you are just finding yourself aching at a job you hate when something better is calling directly to you. How can you maximize this potential right now? If you have the job you want, then dive in headfirst so that you can really excel in the next few months. But if you want to be singing but currently work behind a makeup counter, then you need to figure out how to get singing into the daily routine. Start that band. Take a lesson. Something. Whatever it is, figure out how to start doing it because the Universe truly wants it to start being your full time job just as much as you do.


Now is the time to dig into that hobby or passion you have been putting off. Because let’s face it, every hobby is a passion we would love to see manifest into our full time lives. But as we learn, not all passions should be the full time thing. In fact, they may play a different role than that of our occupation. You may not want to be a chef but love cooking. This could lead you to a life partner who loves to eat, or maybe also just loves a good night of cooking. You may have a passion to learn Italian but not just so you can talk to the guy at the bakery you love to go to. It could be that you should live in Italy. Use this time to ground into something that you want to learn or a study you once loved but have since abandoned. It wants to be a larger part of your life right now, and in the coming months, may prove to come in handy when a life change comes around.


You have been overwhelmed these days when you all really want to do is slow down. And you need to slow down. Because a gigantic piece of your authentic self that has been somewhat hidden or held at bay is ready to burst out the door for the world to see. And this new moon is here to help you figure out how to solidify that and make it a greater part of your daily life. All this means that some things are going to need to go to make room for something your deeper heart truly wants for your life right now. To help figure it out, ask yourself, “What would make feel more at home in my life?” Is it a change with your living situation? Perhaps it’s your job or your relationship? Something in your life wants a greater commitment from you but don’t be afraid because it isn’t something you’ve been used to. You have to give “the new” a try if you want your life to actually feel new.


This new moon lights up your relationship sector, which means it wants you to start giving your deepest relationships the same care and detail you have been giving to other areas of your life. See, you have had to step up in a big way for some of these other areas, and by doing so, you have learned to be a more responsible, committed you. Your mentality about what you’re capable of has shifted. So now you need to turn that onto your relationships and allow them to change you in a bigger way. Yes, it’s time to put that Scorpio wall down for a bit and let some people in to see the real vulnerable you. Approach them with some softness, not aggression. And maybe you will see that you are perhaps getting more of the softness and nurturing that you have needed than you thought you were.


This new moon is all about creating a new routine for yourself that honors your personal self-worth. Have you checked in lately to see just how worthy of true love and greatness you are? On a scale of 1-10, are you giving yourself an 11? Well you should be. And to really anchor it, you have an opportunity to build a new daily grind that doesn’t feel like a grind at all. Make sure that everything you are building into your days is paying respect to how wonderful you are and is fostering the better life you are trying to build for yourself at this time. Only make time for those who offer positivity. Give yourself self-care that feels relaxing and healthful. If you know something is bad for you, and you’re doing it anyway, then you’re not honoring this shift. And you know when you’re lying to say something isn’t bad for you when it is, so just quit it. You deserve to finally be free of all bad habits.


Creativity is calling to you and it wants your main project to be, well, you. The most obvious incarnation of this would be to go chop all your hair off or get a makeover of some kind. Try a new look. But getting creative with yourself and the ‘you’ that you present to the world doesn’t all have to be about looks. You can simply begin a creative project but not be in the closet about it. Let your friends know that you’re trying something that is completely out of the usual definition of ‘you’ that they are used to. Shake up people’s perception of you. Because you have been in the process of shaking up your own perception of you and it’s time to let the world see it. That will help you solidify this personal growth cycle you’re in right now. And it will the most important person of all, that being YOU, that YOU ain’t messing around.


You have quite the spiritual rebirth going on right now. You’re either feeling the inner quake of change urging you to face your demons and you’re facing them head on. Or you’re drowning your face in a sea of tequila with the hopes that the voices of unhappiness will go away. Well, they won’t go away for some time. You are changing completely and it’s all happening in your deepest of consciousness. Now if you’re tapping into this and doing the work, congratulations! But if you’re having trouble or just don’t connect to this feeling, look to your home as a way to gauge. Is home somewhere you look forward to going? Does it feel like a true reflection of you? In all, you Aquarians can maximize this new moon energy by making your home feel more like you. Do something there or with your family that helps you feel a new commitment to the home you live in. Your home is a reflection of your soul. So clean it up, nurture it, and make it a comfortable space for you to move forward from into this next great chapter.


It’s time to strengthen and stabilize your mind. Maybe you have been a little all over the place or just haven’t wanted to pick one thing to focus on. Understandable when there is so much going on. However, you are meant to be getting in touch with the world in a much bigger way right now. Perhaps you have some major volunteer work that you’ve been considering. Or there may be a new career path or job on the horizon. Whatever, the case, you need to be interacting with people, and with that, must come a focus of intention. If you don’t have a clear sense of what you’re trying to move toward, then others may have a hard time entrusting you with the kinds of large projects you want to take on. So take this time to ground into your source of confidence and inner knowing. You know what you can be capable of, so it’s just time to focus on how you want to steer your life and for what greater reason.


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