Truth Is The New Black


Get to a place where you can say “That’s the real me” and love it.

I just finished watching the second season of Orange is the New Black. It’s an amazing, brilliant television series, and these thirteen episodes gave me all of my life and some even for my next life. If you know it, then you know. If you don’t it’s a Netflix series about women in prison. It delves deeply into their emotional lives and offers fresh, real characters that are relatable and insane. In one scene, a character is assured by someone on the outside that they still remember the person she was before prison. That is how they will remember her and they know that the person she is in prison isn’t the real her. Without pause, she stares them back and disagrees. “That is the real me.” In that moment, she accepts her truth. But is she happy with it?

Cut to me these past few weeks (and forgive me for being absent from writing, but life has gotten hold!), and I am scheduled to death, dealing with an outbreak of shingles, and helping to nurse an ailing boyfriend and dog. Last night, I get home from work and suddenly have this pain in my left eye. What the fuck? I wake up and it’s still there. I look at the eye and it looks fine. Maybe it’s tension or sinus issues. But after some time and a more careful inspection, I see that I have a sty under my bottom eyelid. Again I say, what the fuck? So I try to take it easy. I get a massage. I do some warm compresses. But I know that there’s some business here for me to learn. My body is trying to wake me up. And has been – hello, shingles! So I go to my trusty Louise Hay book to look up the spiritual meaning behind an eye issue.


I am mostly angry because I know that everything I am angry about is bullshit

In “Heal Your Body”, Louise says that I “am looking at life through angry eyes.” What Louise? You don’t know me. I am not an angry person. Okay? What does she know? I then look at myself in the mirror, at my sty. And I nod. I am angry. I am angry that everything feels like a struggle. I am angry that I don’t have more money. I am angry that I don’t make enough time for my creativity. I am angry that everybody else seems to have something good going in their lives but me. And I am mostly angry because I know that everything I am angry about is bullshit. That I can’t compare. That I can’t complain. I can be angry. It’s valid. But I can’t see the world through angry eyes or else I’m just casting shade on it all. And thus I am not seeing life clearly. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to throw shade in the right company. But it ain’t a way to build a life. And it certainly can’t be my truth. However, right now, it is. So what to do about it? What does one do when they accept their truth but see that it needs changing?


Use this full moon energy to reconnect to that authentic essence of you

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is here to get us back in touch with our personal truth so that we can cast off anything that has been obstructing our view of the unique life we are meant to be living. Sure, there may be people in our lives who are causing us strife and slowing things down. Or they are just teaching us some valuable lessons that are forcing us to take on responsibilities and grow up in ways we hadn’t planned on. And these responsibilities may feel like they hinder us from doing the things we want to be doing for ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we have to forget who we truly are deep down. That day job doesn’t have to kill the dream you. And if the day job is in alignment with the dream you, then check if it’s somehow overwhelming the love or home or creative life you want but don’t seem to have time for anymore. Make the time. Use this full moon energy to reconnect to that authentic essence of you and remind yourself of the truth of you. Don’t let go. Don’t give up. Don’t see the world through angry eyes. Get to a place where you can say “That’s the real me” and love it.

Here’s a closer look at the signs and what it means for you:


You have crazy visions and dreams for yourself but everything you have to do right now seems to be contrary to accomplishing them. Well, know that you’re just going through a growth process that is actually really good for you, and it’s going to bear great rewards in the end. In fact, this full moon time should give you a glimpse of them. But you should also see that you’re getting a tiny bit of downtime and a burst of energy that should push you to reconnect with some of your passions. Use it wisely.


The relationships in your life are pushing you to challenge the person you have been up to this point. Don’t fight it. Do your best to expand into this process and integrate a lot of what you’re learning into your life. You’re stubborn but change is good. And it’s really just time for some of those old habits of ‘you’ to change. It’s a part of a greater transformation that your life is going through right now. It’s one that is based in you being a more spiritual being, which is good for someone who is usually so grounded in the real world. So use this full moon energy to infuse more of that untouchable God/Universe/Life force energy into you.


This full moon is in your opposite sign and it’s using your closest relationships to get in touch with the energy at hand. Pay close attention to those you spend most of your time with or consider the tightest of your friends. They are a reflection of how you see and feel about yourself right now. So if you’re frustrated with anyone you love, you may want to consider how he or she is just flaring up something that frustrates you about yourself. Don’t be ashamed of what you find. In fact, transmute it somehow and apply it to a creative project you may need to be working on.


This full moon is illuminating your day-to-day work life and how it may be affecting you on a deeper level. Are you taking as good of care of yourself as you are of everyone else in your life right now? Make sure your current life isn’t clogged with doing things for other people more than for you. In fact, you have some creative projects that want attention and can potentially be life-changing, but if you’re spending too much time fixing your friend or neighbor’s faucet/car/life, then you’re not going to have the room you need in your life to achieve what you need in order to be authentically, happy you.


How are you balancing home and career right now in a way that is still allowing you to have some full creative expression time? Because right now, that is what you need more than anything. Sure there are important people in your life to take care of. Your home and family life is calling you in a big way. But if you aren’t also finding time to answer the call of your creative muse, then you may be missing out on an opportunity to get some exciting project going that you’ve only been dreaming of up to this point. So take this full moon energy to make for some real deep creative time.


One of your greatest spiritual callings right now is about making a home. Without a restful, loving place to lay your head at night, you are weakened and detached from your best self. But, the Virgo can have a tendency to focus that energy on everyone else in the family and home. So make sure that you are also giving yourself the space you need at home to flourish and thrive. There is a big creative transformation that is trying to birth its way into your life and has been for some time. So how can you try harder to connect to it?


You’re trying your damndest to feel more at home in your life but you need to make some more adjustments to achieve it. There may be some new idea, hobby, or career potential that you have been entertaining but haven’t found the time to nurture. Well, this full moon wants you to reconsider putting more energy into whatever it is you’ve just been thinking of or flirting with. Start talking about it more. Make it more tangible in the real world and move it beyond the mental sphere. It’s really about expanding your own perception of yourself and what you’re capable of accomplishing. If you can own the truth that you may be limiting yourself then you can perhaps start to take steps to break through that personal glass ceiling.


This full moon has you looking at what and whom you value most in life. Experiences lately have shifted some ideas about what really matters to you and how much effort or even just mental energy you give. And you’re so smack dab in the middle of a great personal shift that you don’t really have time to waste on stupid people or activities that mean little to you. So use this full moon energy to get quiet with yourself and get an honest list of those people and things that truly fit into the picture of who you plan to be moving forward. Then take great care in nurturing those, as they will be what can help to bring you through this major metamorphosis at hand. Everything else is just recycling.


Welcome to your yearly full moon. It’s here to remind you who you really are in this lifetime. What you are capable of and where you want to be in life. This year, it’s also here to ask you to value your spirituality even more than you do. To take your stillness very seriously so that you can hear the whispers that will guide you to your better path. If you’re too busy just listening to the clutter of words in your head, then you’re operating from an old tape. Listen to the quiet underneath them until they vanish away. This full moon is also here to push you to see that the world is even bigger than you may have been seeing lately, and you have the power to create as large a life as you want. So perhaps it’s time to start expanding yours in some way.


This full moon is a time to get so hippy dippy and spiritual that you may just want to laugh at yourself. I want you talking to that moon and asking it for guidance. I want you buying crystals that are good for what you feel you need more of in life, right now – perhaps some romantic love or greater commitment? I want you cutting out pictures to place on a vision board. I want you chanting. Anything and everything that will have you opening your deeper self up more and making it a greater part of your waking life. Start with making your home space more of a ritual sanctuary. Then you can feel safe to do whatever strikes your spiritual fancy.


Right now, it’s time to get back out into the world and be seen. You have been immersed in a spiritual process that has you questioning some of your career ideas and thinking that you’re crazy. But you’re not. You’re just stuck in your head a bit and need to remember what it’s like to be a person in the world. And the great thing is, all of this time with yourself and your thoughts has gotten you more in touch with your authentic self. So you need to let others meet this person that you think you want to be moving forward. Take the training wheels off and test him or her out. You will be surprised by the truths and revelations that then unveil themselves.


This full moon wants you to try harder at wedding your career self and the self you are when at home. They may be two different, if not completely separate people these days. That may be because you’ve been feeling secluded from some of your relationships and haven’t been sure if it’s them or you. And you’ve also been expanding your world view and making new friends, so there’s been some thought of which path to take – the old one or one of the new ones. Well, look to who you are when it’s just you, in your safe space, and see if the person you are trying to be out in the world reflects who you are when you’re most comfortable. You may be trying to force yourself to stay on an old path when really some new one is lit up and ready for your arrival.


2 thoughts on “Truth Is The New Black

  1. Holy shit! I just read your post. I¹m an Aquarius and …wow. I hope Brandon is okay. You and I haven¹t met, but I work up at White Lotus and also friends with Josh Farakahn (he doesn¹t know I call him that).

    Totally spot on, and thank you for the message. I¹d love to have a reading with you when you¹re feeling better.

    Please give B my love. I hope you¹re not in too much pain and your shingles are going away. It¹s happened to a couple friends and I hear it can be quite painful. Sending love and healing vibes your way. Xo -Rebekah

    On 6/12/14 9:37 PM, “ASTROLOGY REALNESS” wrote:

    > astroaries posted: ” Get to a place where you can say ³That¹s the real me² and > love it. I just finished watching the second season of Orange is the New > Black. It¹s an amazing, brilliant television series, and these thirteen > episodes gave me all of my life and some even” >

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