The Present is Your Present


The Capricorn Full Moon is all about this business of future and past.

We all struggle to live in the present. We all want to because everything from books to spiritual quotes posted on Instagram tells us that the present is all we have. The past is just a page already turned in a book, and the future is an unknown reality that may never actually come to exist. So it really does make so much fucking sense when you think about it. The present is all we have right now. And, it unfurls at rapid speed. With every word I’m typing, the present is moving through me, becoming the future and past all at once. It’s profound and weird and amazing how it all works. Yet, with all of that known, it’s still challenging to push the past and the future completely out of the equation of one’s life. The past has made us who we are up to this present moment. And the future holds the potential for everything this present moment us can become. So don’t we own it to our present day selves to hold onto some sense of those pieces of ourselves? Or do we just need to stop reminiscing and dreaming long enough to look in the mirror and see ourselves for who we are right now, as that is all there is.

The Capricorn Full Moon is all about this business of future and past. It comes as we complete a year long cycle of having Jupiter, the planet of abundance and personal growth, in the sign of Cancer, which is all about our emotional selves and the past. This means that, for us all, this last year has given us an opportunity to simply love and accept ourselves more. We have had to make amends with those parts of our past that we blame for the problems of today. We have had to face complicated emotions that have withheld us from moving forward in our lives today. And we have had to connect to what it is that truly makes our hearts tick so that we can do a better job of living a life that truly reflects and honors that. Through it all, we have hopefully become stronger, wiser, and grown more in love with the person we see in that mirror each day. And if still challenged, we can perhaps be a little kinder with ourselves. Thankfully, this full moon is here to test us on what we’ve learned so that we can truly ground in to the new, improved versions of ourselves and move forward to accomplish some things.


There’s only the future to go.

Dear reader, it’s time for you to be present to what it is you want to achieve in this life and know that you can do it. You have spent enough time pondering about what could be without actually taking any of the necessary steps to make it so.

Now is the time to make it so.

Banish the fears and insecurities of your past. Yes, they have helped to create you but they don’t own you. They don’t define you. And they don’t exist anymore. They only exist as long as you choose to hold onto them. And this full moon urges you to let them go. This next phase is all about growing through creating something new. So keep with you the dreams of the past that help you to see the long-term vision of success and happiness you have for yourself and put the rest away in storage. Or better yet, write it all down and let it burn up in some flames as a symbol that it’s time to release the baggage back to the realm of space and time from which it came.

You can do it. I believe in you. You’ve come this far. There’s only the future to go. And get to it, because there it already went.


Let’s take a closer look at each sign and see how this full moon could be affecting you more. Again, read your rising sign too, if you know it. And if you don’t, email me at I can try to help you find it.

Here you go:


For the last year, you’ve been going through a transformative process that has been meant to get you more grounded in the truth of your self. Sure, it has rocked your foundation some and caused you to question and change some of the inner ways of being you had been getting away with up until this point. But it’s all been to get you more in tune with your authentic self so that you can work the job, be in the relationship, or live in the city that will truly help you manifest the life you have dreamed of living. And now is the time to start making some real world plans for all those inner thoughts, feelings, and shifts. Look at the big picture of your life and see what changes you can execute in the weeks ahead that will push you forward in your quest to actualize the reality you know you should be living in right now.


The last year has given you the opportunity to expand your communication skills. Whether it has been for personal or professional gain, you have gotten better at translating the words of you heart, spirit, and mind for the world to understand. But with Saturn sitting in that relationship house, you’ve found the greatest challenges to be with those you love dearest. Well, this full moon wants to put that love to the test and make sure that you’re not just giving all the talk but receiving it as well. Whether the closest to you are saying anything with their mouths or not, they are communicating their feelings to you. It just may not be in the way you want. So use this time to really listen to everything someone is telling you, even if not verbally so. Sometimes the greatest communication comes in the form of doing, not saying. You just have to let go and trust that what you don’t hear can still be what you want and get.


It’s time to stop wishing and hoping for some big wave of change to come along and take you over. You must now take responsibility for your own transformation. Only you can manifest the shifts you want to see happen in your world. Now ideally this last year has given you a chance to really value yourself more and give greater weight to your heart’s desires. But a lot of it has been inner work. You have been privately chipping away at your insecurities and trying to figure out the nest steps. But the truth is you know the next steps you need to take in order to actualize some of the life you really want to be living. So use this full moon to take charge and make some things happen. A big hand isn’t going to come out of the sky and do it for you.


You are nearing the end of a personal cycle, one where you have come more into your own and should feel a greater sense of inner knowing. Or you’re completing the greatest emotional breakdown of your life. Either way, you should know yourself better, and more importantly, you should the people around you better. This full moon offers you a chance to connect to those who really matter and who are a part of the long-term game plan for your life. You are all about deeper personal connections these days; wanting more love and surrounding yourself with the tribe that makes you feel good. But you have to make the commitment to nurturing these relationships, which means being vulnerable and really letting people in. Try making a list of the top ten folks in your life. Then reach out to them all this weekend and remind your spirit that you have a village of love to call home. This will only ground you and give you the strength to move into this next chapter of growth.


This last year has helped you gain a greater relationship with trust, your intuitive sense, and the larger unknown. You should be more in tune with your spirit, which is good for someone like you who is normally more connected with the ego. Now you’re about to enter a new phase of being noticed even more for your charm and talents, so you’ll need to be internally grounded in order to reap all of the benefits. If you haven’t been cultivating a strong relationship with your spiritual side, there’s still time. For all you Leo’s, this full moon time is a chance to commit to a relationship with your mystical self. I am not saying that you need to go to a sweat lodge or sit in meditation for a day. But how about meditating for ten minutes each day this week? If you do so already, then step it up to twenty. Lay in a field of grass for an hour. And then see if you can keep up this spiritual routine for a month. You will see that you like yourself more when you’re honoring every part of you.


You should have a firmer grasp on all of the hopes and dreams you have for your life. There should be a stronger sense of inner knowing about what you want to achieve and the world you want to live in. But you’re not quite living in it just yet. This full moon wants you to remember that you create the world you live in. You are responsible for both your inner and your outer experiences. And life should be a blank canvas for you to gaze upon each day and take a brush to. And you want to live a much bigger life than I think you even thought was possible a year ago. So what can you do to start manifesting changes that allow you to not just vacation in the grand life but actually set up your home there? It all comes back to your creativity. To get the ball rolling, how about taking on a fun art project that can live in your surroundings and act as a visual reminder of the changes you’re ready to put forth?


This full moon time finds you feeling very busy, or feeling very antsy. With Mars in your sign, you’re experiencing a burst of energy that wants you to just get some things done. And this last year has seen you incredibly swamped in your career world, where you’ve been making changes, taking on challenges, and building quite the reputation for yourself as someone who goes in hard when it comes to their work. But this current full moon energy shouldn’t be expressed outward into that career sphere. In fact, you should channel that intense energy inward. The most outward expression of that is your home. Perhaps there is a house project that you’ve been dying to get into. If not, then make it about truly going inward. Give yourself some personal time to relax, write, create, and enjoy. You may find that you have some outstanding changes and challenges you still want to make. And you have the energy right now to actualize them.


You’ve been feeling under a lot of pressure these last few months. It’s as if life has you jumping through an obstacle course of grown-up lessons and new responsibilities. Well, they say the Universe doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle. And trust that you are being pushed to expand your own perception of yourself and what you’re capable of achieving for important reasons. In fact, I bet this full moon time is presenting you with an opportunity to really push yourself out of your comfort zone. Just go with it. My only advice is to make sure you’re heart is in it. You shouldn’t be doing anything that doesn’t feel connected to something or someone you truly love. Otherwise you’ll find yourself feeling too crazy down the road.


You’ve been transforming your relationship with what it is you truly value in life. This has pushed you to see various parts of your life in new and different ways. Perhaps a career or relationship you thought was “the one” has begun to look a little wonky or just not cute. Well, this full moon is here to quiz you on what you’ve been learning. When faced with a challenge on something that doesn’t quite fall into the new order of your value system, can you respond to it from your current place of integrity versus the way you’ve just allowed yourself to respond in the past? You may find some people giving you the side-eye or wondering what got into your cereal this morning. But who cares. What matters is that you stay true to the larger personal change at hand. And everyone else will just have to learn to adjust.


You deserve a hug today. Or at least a major high five. This is your full moon so you should be feeling some sort of personal release. Whether you’re bringing some work deal to a close or finishing up a personal project, you should be giving yourself some major love and props. You’ve also been doing a lot to put yourself out there more when it comes to your personal relationships. You’ve let people see a little bit more of you than you’ve usually been accustomed to, and it’s only opened the door to more love and greater harmony in your life. So celebrate that you’ve broken through some personal boundaries that were ultimately keeping you a little shut down to important pieces of you. And it’s okay. You didn’t know they were there. So gather up some of your most trusted, loving folks and make the most of this personal astrological holiday weekend. You’ve earned it.


Pluto, the planet of deep inner transformation, has been traveling through your house of the unknown. So what the hell does that mean? Well, it can mean that you’re experiencing intense emotions that seem to just come up and out of the blue, leaving you to wonder what the hell just happened. Know that these are actually just manifestations of old wounds or feelings you’ve been subconsciously holding onto and ultimately need to breathe through or release. I know, fun right? Well, this full moon is also traveling through that same space which means it’s prime time to move through some of this energy. The best way to get a grip on it all is to consider another element of the unknown. Our connection to spirit and “something greater than us” is also a manifestation of this same space. So do your best to remove yourself from your real world life and try to have more of a spiritual experience. See everyone as a messenger. Look for symbols and signs. Remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. By detaching yourself in that way, you will find that life can be lighter and more joyful, even in the face of opposition. And you may just find that it’s a greater way to move forward in your everyday life.


Have you been allowing yourself to get truly in touch with you these days? Has there been enough time for you in the midst of giving yourself to everyone else’s needs? I ask these questions because you can have trouble when it comes to setting boundaries on your personal space and time. And right now, there may be a personal creative project that you should be making more time for and getting into its finishing stages. This may be something that you’ve been keeping under wraps or just haven’t expressed to anyone. Well now is the time to get it out of the mental space and move into your real world. Do you have some trusted people in your circle that you can open up to about what you want to build and create? Make some effort to make you and what you want more of a priority so that you can put yourself out there and start letting some of your ideas take center stage.


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