That Cancer New Moon When You Went In


The Cancer New Moon is all about connecting to and nurturing your innermost self

I was recently talking to some folks about Mercury Retrograde and how this current one has been doing a number on me. In short, I’ve been a hot mess. Most agreed, but one said that he hadn’t felt any sort of communication breakdown with anyone.

My response to him: “How about a communication breakdown with yourself?

His response: “Well damn”, followed by a nod.

See, sometimes we focus too much on the outward communication in our lives that we forget about communicating with ourselves. And that is the most important kind of communication. That is why meditation and self-reflection are so damn important. If we aren’t taking the time to ask ourselves the right questions about our lives and what we want, then we end up in a constant state of “I don’t know”. Because we don’t even know what it is we want to know. We’re either too afraid to face the truth of what we want, or we don’t even want to bother pining for something we already believe is out of our reach.

Well, that’s just bullshit.

With the right nurturing and focus, we can attain anything we want to in this lifetime. It may not show up on your doorstep tomorrow with a bow wrapped around it. But hell, it just may. Or at least, it will show up when it needs to and when you’ve prepared yourself enough to receive it. Trust that if you believe, it will show up.

Given the Springtime and all of the recent astrological happenings, I believe that all of you have been planting seeds and making way for some big shifts, changes, projects, and occurrences in your lives. And it hasn’t all been easy. We’ve all been meeting challenges to our ideas, plans, and desires, but the good in this process is that we should be able to enter into these next few months with more clarity. Again, that is unless you’re not taking the time to really analyze what it is you’re doing, why, and what you ultimately want out of it. If that hasn’t been the case, well don’t worry, you still have time to regroup and get in touch with your deepest intentions and needs. But you have to be willing to go in and do the deeper work.


Show yourself that you matter and are something magical in this world

The Cancer New Moon is all about connecting to and nurturing your innermost self. In astrology, the Moon rules our emotional, inner being, so we can use this New Moon time to forge a new relationship with ourselves. And because we have this retrograde energy in effect (it starts to dissipate early next week, thank god), we should really reflect on how we’ve related to ourselves and reexamine the relationship we have with our thoughts. Do we wholeheartedly support our own dreams? Do we tell ourselves the motivational things we need to hear, or do we just spend time cutting ourselves down? And how are we showing ourselves with what we do in our lives that we want to nurture our best selves?

Now is the time to recommit to loving yourself in a massive way.

Now is the time to reconnect to the truth of you in a massive way.

Now is the time to give yourself the love you deserve in a massive way.

Now is the time to be you, to nurture you, and to show yourself that you matter and are something magical in this world.

Let’s take a closer look at each sign and how this Cancer New Moon could be affecting you. Again, if you know your rising sign, read that too. And if you don’t know it, hit me up with your birth info and I can look it up for you.


The last year or so has really challenged you to get more in touch with your purest, most authentic self. And that is best done when you can be alone and take the time to personally explore what makes you tick. However, you’ve recently been pushed to work and play with others more, even when you just want some alone time, and you may feel overwhelmed by all the social commotion. Know that you need to be with others right now in order to better understand the uniqueness of you. Just make sure that you’re having a say in the experiences you’re taking a part in. Don’t just go with the flow to make someone else happy. Remember the things that make you feel most at home, whether it’s music, good food, or wine, or puppies. Make sure that you infuse something cozy into all of your environments this week, and you will find yourself opening the door to personal breakthroughs and some productivity.


Sometimes you’re not the best communicator. That may have something to do with your stubbornness and your feeling that everyone should just know what you’re thinking or feeling and be able to have the same communication style as you. Well, unfortunately that is not true. And thankfully, you’re almost always lovely to be around so it makes others easily forgive you. However, now is the time to take your personal communication skills to the next level. Make sure that those you value most really feel connected to you and vice versa. The key to getting through this summer will be having trusted folks to open up to, criticize with, and trust with deep, inner information. So use this new moon time to check in with those you care about most and instigate a greater channel of communication. It will help you out greatly in the long run.


Gemini, you should be asking yourself some really important questions these days. I mean some soul stirring, life changing, “I am ready to figure my shit out” kinds of questions. If you’re having some trouble knowing what those are, let me offer some assistance. Who do you really want to be? What three things do you care most about attaining in your life? What three things are you most proud of and grateful for in your life right now? There may be more question, but let these be a jumping off point. These last few weeks have given you a chance to rethink some choices and gather some information on the type of life you truly want to be living right now. So don’t waste it. How can you align your life more with the ideas you have for it? And what can you do now to get closer to those dreams? You may find that you need to make some big changes but that’s okay. You hate a mundane life anyway.


Life may be busy right now to the point that you feel a little crazy. There may be a lot on your mind and you may find that it’s hard to express it all out loud. Well that’s okay. Know that you have just been gathering the internal information you need in order to take on the next big phase of your life. As home and family are rather important to you, those areas may be of emphasis and in major focus right now. However, don’t be frustrated if you’re not feeling all the forward movement you want at this time. In the next couple of weeks, you will feel a shift and more productive action will take place. And all of that crazy will turn to focus and some of what your mind has gathered will help you solve some big problems where you least expect it.


You have found that you’ve taken some unique adventures lately and perhaps they have helped your mind to expand in regards to how you see yourself and opening yourself up to sharing what you’re feeling. And maybe that has allowed you to learn some new things about yourself. You’re also feeling somewhat social these days and that could be because a Leo loves that attention and you want some recognition for your newfound ideas and new ways of being. Know that you should crave that and want to flaunt some of the shifts you’re going through. The best way to take advantage of it would be to reconnect with some old friends who can best show you just how far you’ve come. When you reflect off someone who knows the old you, they can truly acknowledge and support the newness of you that is flourishing.


You have gotten very good at being confident and your brightest self in the confines of your comfort zone. But this new moon wants you to bust out and feel that same sense of boldness in the greater world around you. Can you make an effort to see three friends you haven’t seen in a while and just be you to the tenth degree? If it helps, just invite them to your place. It will allow you to shine on your home turf and still feel like you’re getting out more. Or take the opportunity to break out and simply get out of your home space. Shaking things up will also help create some change in your career space too. Perhaps it is time to expand in that area and being around some different people and in different environments will open the doors to opportunity and expansion.


This new moon is shining down on your life purpose, pushing you to forge some new beginnings in your career and question how you want to make your mark on this world. With that retrograde energy going through your house of knowledge and travel, it may be time to take a quick, nearby trip to a place of inspiration or reflect on a trip that had a profound effect on you. What is it about this beloved destination that makes you feel more at home in yourself? Is there some specific experience from that trip that connects you to a greater passion in your life that you’re not exploring enough or at all in your life right now? If so, how can you creatively weave it more into your daily life and make it a part of this next phase you’re embarking on? A close partner may also hold an important piece of information for you.


Life is pushing you to grow and go through a rather important metamorphosis at this time. There is a lot of responsibility and everything is feeling a bit like it’s life or death right now. Not a foreign concept for you, but it’s almost stronger than ever. A lot of this is tied to your ways of thinking. The more you can allow yourself to be flexible with your ideas and not so stubborn, the easier it will be to handle all of the tasks at hand. Especially because you are about to take on some sort of project that is unlike anything you have before, or is similar to something from the past but different in scale. Therefore, you must be able to see it and yourself from angles that you haven’t before. Only then, will you be able to gather all the information you need to make the best decisions and have your most successful outcome.


This new moon wants to shine a light on the rebirth you have been either pushing yourself through or avoiding. And you are doing one of the two. If you’re allowing the change to take hold, then take this time to celebrate it and enjoy the personal breakthroughs you have been making. Choose a trusted friend to share some of what you’ve been shifting in your life; especially the pieces that you’ve been keeping to yourself, and let that person trumpet your triumphs. However, if you’ve been avoiding the change, then know that it’s what causing you strife, especially in your personal relationships. It’s time to let go of something, or someone, and if you can’t admit it to yourself, you may eventually be bankrupting yourself in some way. And you don’t deserve to put yourself through that.


Are there some relationships in your life that have been peripheral and are now calling to be moved toward the forefront? Perhaps it’s a friendship, a colleague, a family member, or a love interest? Whatever the case, this new moon wants to shine a light on the importance for you to connect with this person for some reason of personal growth. It may mean that you have to rejigger some aspects of your daily routine, but relationships should matter more than that schedule of yours. And you’ve been meaning to shake it up and commit to a new version of it anyway. So use this opportunity to bring a new person’s energy in and allow them to help shift some things for you. Oh and by the way – this relationship that may be begging for more attention – it may actually be your relationship with yourself. So there’s that.


There is some creative activity that you enjoy doing but you haven’t allowed it to puncture your daily routine yet. You have friends who work their creative passion on the daily, and you like to be around them and find inspiration from them. However, you just haven’t given over to making it something that you do everyday. Well this new moon wants you to reconnect with your creative drive and make it a part of your everyday life. Sure, it may not be an actual job right now and it may feel like you’re uninspired or forcing yourself to do something you’re not entirely feeling just yet, but you have to build the habit. If you can make yourself more at home in the kinds of creative activities you eventually want to do for a living, then you will find yourself so comfortable doing it that it won’t be strange when it’s time to get paid for it.


This new moon wants you to give birth to something. Cancer is synonymous with the mother, so in a way, you’re being called to mother something in your life and bring it to life. Perhaps you are actually dealing with a living, breathing baby, or you have some creative project that you’ve been working on but haven’t fully given life to it just yet. Well now is the time to get comfortable in the role of nurturer and really enjoy laying the foundation for something so important. Know that you can’t and shouldn’t do it alone, and it’s more fun to take on this creative energy with others. So make this process playful and inclusive. You deserve a little fun in your life right now. And remember, every mother was once a child too. So reconnecting to your lighter side will also help bring forth this next phase in the most productive way.


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