This New Moon Wants You Eating Cookies and Feeling Sexy


This Virgo New Moon is one of healing

Back in late April, I started this new exercise and diet regimen. Initially, I wanted to get myself into good shape for a destination wedding in Mexico. That wasn’t only to look and feel good on the beach, but also because I was officiating the ceremony and needed to look cute in my suit. So I ate and I worked out very strictly for six days a week and then allowed myself a cheat day on Sunday. Though the diet did help me in achieving my goals, it also created this really screwed up mentality. Since I had told myself that Sunday was my only day of food freedom, I would get to it and eat whatever the hell I could get my hands on. And if I couldn’t find my way to the right brunch or bucket of French fries, than I would feel as if I’d failed myself. As if I’d squashed my golden opportunity. Thus, I usually ended the day full but unsatisfied.

I have kept the diet going but, in the last few weeks, something has shifted. I grew tired of beating myself up. I grew tired of allowing food to have so much authority over my feelings (tale as old as time). And I grew tired of wanting a sandwich on a Wednesday afternoon and telling myself “no”. So I’ve slowly found a way to get off the strict regimen. Or more so, I’ve created a new, more balanced one. Yes, I still see Sunday as my cheat day, but I also let myself eat carbs on Tuesday if I want to. I also still work out six days a week, but that is just a necessary tool for my general well being. There’s still a routine, but it doesn’t involve me ever feeling like a failure. And it has helped me to feel healthier as well as gain a stronger relationship with my body and body image. For the first time in my life, I’m eating cookies and feeling sexy. And for me, that’s a personal breakthrough and a miracle.


Everything you do should be an act of kindness for your soul

This Virgo New Moon is one of healing. And it wants to help you craft a daily routine that will give you the chance to break through one or more of your self-imposed walls. Saturn, the planet of our greatest limitations, and Mars, the planet of action, have joined up in Scorpio, pushing you to charge forth through an outdated fear and create some powerful inner change. And they make a connection to Venus in Leo, which is about relating to the world in a bold, confident way. So during the new moon time, it’s key that you service your physical well being, but not at the mercy of your spirit. Everything you do should be an act of kindness for your soul. That ranges from what you eat to what you tell yourself in your head when you “mess up”. This is not an easy process. Making change is never simple. But when it comes to loving yourself, it’s paramount.

So for this new moon, I want you all to take a look at your daily routine. Consider what it could be missing. What one thing should you do every day to help strengthen your sense of self? And how can you work to maintain a commitment to sustain it? Challenge yourself for the next two weeks to include something new into your daily life. And don’t take a cheat day. Whatever it is, it should be something that gives you spiritual breath to soar.

Let’s take a look at each sign for an idea on what you could add into your life until the full moon on September 8th. And remember to read your rising sign too, if you know it:


The real is that you need to keep on a serious physical fitness routine right now. It’s not the time to be breaking the world’s record for the longest couch potato sit. Make a pledge to commit to your body by giving it the serious activity it craves. But that doesn’t mean every day should be the same thing, in a gym. Hike. Go to a rock climbing gym. Take a boxing class. Do something unique and invigorating to shake things up. You will find that exerting your physical self in a creative way will then free the rest of your creative self up, allowing for a much needed confidence boost and a breakthrough in some important project you have been cooking up.


The real is that you need fourteen days of fun. That’s not to say that you’re not having any right now, but some days just seem as if they don’t fully allow for it. The key is to figure out how to work more fun into those times when you feel entirely immersed with work or responsibility. What can you do to establish a more playful demeanor when working? Or perhaps you can find ways to reward yourself with some play when the work is done. Whatever the case, you must find how to insert a more joyful, childlike moment into each day. It will help you feel more grounded, and will also offer you the chance to breakthrough some vulnerability issues you may have in some key relationships.


The real is that your home life needs some love. It may be time to bring some things around it to order. You may not realize that storing stacks of things in a closet is actually holding you back, but it is. Yes, the collection of crap that lives in your car trunk isn’t an earthquake kit. It’s a collection of crap. And all of these tiny messes are actually just projects that loom over you and that you’ll never get to. And the more things you have to get to, the easier it becomes to feel overwhelmed so that you don’t get to them at all. So during these next two weeks, take one hour out of each day and make a dent in some home project that needs work. This will hopefully free up some space in your life to tackle some of those important projects that could potentially get you closer to your truest potential.


The real is that your head may be a little in the clouds these days, but it’s still apt to be quite productive right now. In fact, you have so many ideas for various areas of your life that it may too be hard to focus. And some may seem rather “out there” for you, but that kind of out-of-the-box thinking is exactly what you need right now. So make sure not to dismiss any of your thoughts or ideas too quickly. In fact, for the next two weeks, make a ritual of sitting down and journaling out your latest ideas. They could range from trips you want to take to home improvement projects to how much you love Channing Tatum. Whatever the case, you will find that by connecting to your inspired thoughts on the daily, you’ll unearth answers to important creative problems you’ve been trying to tackle all along.


The real is that your sense of self is strong right now, and it should only continue to build. You need to be loving on yourself right now in a major way. Sometimes, the Leo gets caught in a rut where they need the approval of others to feel worthy. But you’re feeling so confident about yourself these days, that you shouldn’t be giving a flying fuck what other people think of you and your actions. So each day for the next two weeks, give yourself some serious love. It may just be telling your mirror’s reflection how beautiful he or she is for twenty minutes. Or one day may call for a visit to the spa. You deserve it. Maybe, just maybe, some old childhood wound is connected to not feeling like you deserve the love or accomplishments or happiness you’re starting to feel right now. Well the more you practice it, the quicker that old wound will heal. And the new, stronger skin will glow, especially after a facial.


The real is that this is your new moon so it’s time for an emotional reboot. Connect to the parts of your life where you’re unhappy and make a plan to start healing them. To best begin this process, look to see how you’re expressing the essence of you on a daily basis. Start by making a list of fourteen things that define who you believe yourself to be. For instance, you are someone who loves to cook for others. Or perhaps you are someone who loves to dance. Let yourself really marinate on these things. Now for the next two weeks, commit to enacting your favorite parts of you. Though it will require a lot of action, you’ll find it to be more of a stirring spiritual process. And it may help you knock down some mental walls around how you’ve been defining yourself up until this point.


The real is that you need to undertake a hefty meditation challenge for the next two weeks. Your symbol is the scales, and for you, they are constantly going up and down balancing work and play, light and dark, home and social life, etc. And recently, you may feel like they have been fluctuating so much, or not enough, that you’re possibly driving yourself crazy with thoughts on how to best move forward. So it’s time to become really familiar with that small place in between the scales. The silence in between the words can be your best friend. So commit to fifteen minutes each day of silent retreat. Focus on your breath, not your thoughts. Get all hardcore Buddha on yourself and see how you find the peace you’re in need of right now. And perhaps you’ll emerge with a clearer sense of what to place value on in life, and how to create a life that gives those things more of an emphasis.


The real is that you’re in need of some new inspiration and you can find it by widening or reshaping the circle of peeps you’re currently keeping. That isn’t to say that you gotta dump all your friends. But you’re in the midst of a personal breakthrough. You’re accessing your personal power in a deeper, more confident way. And it’s helping you to make wonderful steps forward in your career life. But you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to broaden your vision. Allow some new conspirators into your life so you can see just what you’re capable of accomplishing. By having some new people around to appreciate who you’re growing into, you’ll be able to appreciate yourself a little more and feel encouraged to continue on.


The real is that you’re ready to commit to your life purpose in a profound way. Now you just have to be clear on what exactly that is for you. And it may not exactly be what you do for a living. In fact, your life purpose may not be associated with a job in any way. Perhaps you believe that your purpose is to travel and experience the world. Or it could be that your purpose is to be the most attentive, transformative parent. Whatever it is, take the next two weeks to nail down your definition. Feel free to take excursions, have conversations, and partake in classes that inspire your inner dialogue about it. Make it your mission to be on top of what you believe you’re destined to do. And if you’re already aware of it and on the path, then commit to the work in a deeper way. And remember that it isn’t about satisfying your passion. It’s about utilizing your gifts to be of service to others.


The real is that it’s time for you to learn something new. Yes, we already know that you’re really good at something, whether it’s your job or being a partner or cooking. But you’re in the business these days of pushing yourself past your boundaries. So it’s time to take on a challenge. This could be a language that you’ve always wanted to learn. It could be a new line of work. Or it could be a commitment to a true romantic relationship. Whatever the case, by taking on something as a beginner, it will remind you that you’re still evolving. And it will help you to see that, no matter how old you are or what your circumstances are, you can always begin a new chapter of your life. Could learning Spanish be the precursor for a move to Spain? Or perhaps a new job will take you down a path to the career you’ve always wanted but were afraid to believe in yourself enough to do. Your world is changing, and you can be in charge of what course to take it in.


The real is you need to get better about letting people in to your deepest feelings and desires. The good thing is your relationships are standing on firmer ground now. And you’re getting more confident about who to trust and how to express your love. But, for the most part, you’re still holding back when it comes to the core of your emotions. So take these next two weeks to really work at being more vulnerable to those you love and trust. Find ways to break down those vocal walls about how you feel. Whether you make sure to have a detailed check-in with one person each day, or you connect with various people, make it a ritual. And this isn’t just to talk about the day’s events. This is to talk about the feelings underneath them. This is to talk about the hidden desires. This is to help you get closer to what you truly want to be doing with your life.


The real is that you need to bring some order to your important relationships. You have been doing some good work to get your daily routine in order and are feeling good forward momentum right now. You’re also being challenged to take on some new aspects of yourself that you’ve never quite had to access before. And you’re accepting the challenge head on. But take stock in your relationships and make sure that your current metamorphosis hasn’t shifted you away from some important people in your life. It’s time to make a habit of seeing the people who really help to keep you on the course. Yes, areas of your life are seeing change but that doesn’t mean the core of you should also change. And by keeping connected to those who you believe to be your truest peeps, you’ll be able to conquer all of your challenges and have the strong support system you need to really actualize the shift at hand. So in these next two weeks, make some dates and phone calls.


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