The Full Moon and Your Personal Legend


Paulo Coelho’s THE ALCHEMIST changed my life.

I remember reading it for the first time in the late 90’s, when a friend gifted me a copy. The magical story of a young shepherd on a journey to discover his “Personal Legend” shook me at the core. It just happened to coincide with my own personal spiritual awakening, so it truly felt as if the book had fallen from the sky and into my lap for a deep meaningful reason. Since then, I have read the book too many times to count. I’ve listened to the audio book as read by Jeremy Irons twice. I even still have my original copy, with all of the underlined quotes that spoke to me the moment I read them. I’m obsessed. But if you’ve read it, you know why.

One of the most famous quotes from THE ALCHEMIST is “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” In a recent interview with Oprah, Coelho said that this refers to both “the negative and the positive.” The energy and words that make up our thoughts are what pull things to us. Now this doesn’t just refer to the materialism of The Secret, a book people discovered and thought they could use to manifest a new Bentley. Because Coelho ties it to the purpose of uncovering your “Personal Legend”, or “your mission on Earth.” And “To realize one’s Personal Legend is a person’s only real obligation.” I mean, how fucking true is that?


The reason I do all of the work that I do, whether it be astrology readings, writing this blog, writing narrative screenplays, or making/producing films is to take steps toward realizing my own “Personal Legend”. I know that I am here to translate stories. Whether it be the fictional stories told to me by the characters in my mind, the fictional stories told to others that then need help getting produced and put out into the world, or the personal stories of those whose lives I get to touch when I sit with them for a reading. I know it is somehow my duty to assist in the process of birthing those important stories into the world. And I am grateful for it. I am grateful for such a fascinating mission. But it took me a long time to accept it. And everyday, I grow more into it, with courage and enthusiasm, because I know that the universe has indeed conspired to help me get to this point. I pay attention, with the intention that I can see where I am supposed to head and be clear about the specific achievements that I am supposed to actualize. So, that I can truly realize my “Personal Legend”.

What is your “Personal Legend”? Do you feel at all connected to the great story of your life? If so, how are you taking part in its unfolding? And if not, what can you be doing to steer yourself onto the path?


This Pisces Full Moon is here to help by supporting you in being your most authentic self.

The full moon is making powerful connections to the planets Saturn and Pluto, both of which are concerned with making great change, inside and out. They are trying to get you to remove a mask and bravely reveal more of who you choose to be, instead of just being who you’ve told yourself you should be. And Pisces is all concerned with getting in touch with that spirit self. So go within and ask yourself what’s missing. Acknowledge the wound in your life and find the courage to accept that it’s time for a deep healing. If you can do that, the universe will move mountains to make it so.

It’s time to take greater steps toward diminishing whatever roadblocks you have unconsciously built up for yourself. Perhaps you’ve created some negative story that has then aided in manifesting negativity into your life. Or you may just be avoiding the thing you know in your heart is your true calling out of fear of failing or, even worse, succeeding. Yes, some people fear success because they then have to be seen for who they really are in their hearts. And, when young, they may have been scolded for being who they really wanted to be, creating shame and doubt. I know it’s a lot. But don’t you want to achieve your dreams? Well then, keep stepping toward them by asking those great questions and probing yourself and the universe for answers. Trust yourself, and know that you are capable of finding your own “Personal Legend”. You just have to want it with your whole heart.

And please, if you haven’t, read THE ALCHEMIST. Even if you have, read it again. I swear, it’s some profound shit.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into each sign:


The real is that your spirituality holds the key to your growth right now. Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Do you have a spiritual connection at all? That whole notion scares some off, but we aren’t talking about religion here. We are talking about you personalizing your spirituality and committing to some sort of check-in with it each day. Make it just as important as eating, breakfast, brushing your teeth, or watching Sex and The City on E! You must get serious about it. Getting closer to your life purpose depends on it.


The real is that you are feeling driven to make some dreams come true right now. And a Taurus doesn’t give over to a drive unless they believe a successful outcome is possible. Otherwise they would just stay in sweatpants all day. The key is in reminding yourself that you can’t achieve alone. Working in a cave isn’t the way to be at this time. You must turn to some key creative folks in your life to help you manifest the dreams that are just in reach. If anything, at least turn to others for support and share your vision. Sometimes another can help you to expand your dream beyond your own thinking.


The real is that you are ready to make some greater waves with your career. You’ve had a bit of a personal rebirth lately that has energized you to make some changes and take more control. Now it’s just how to take the ideas you have and manifest them into the real world. Well, as Lao-tzu said, “The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.” So start taking some steps in your daily life to help build toward the new career life you want to be living. What you need is to feel more at home in the new life you want, but this can’t all just be a mental thing. You have to actually move into this new life. So find one thing you can do each day that helps you feel more on the path and see how it helps to snowball more and more of it into your life.


The real is that you need to start building some bigger ideas for yourself. For instance, if you’re single but with someone, it may be time to have a deeper conversation that helps to take the relationship to another level. Or if you’re single and with no one, it may be time to have a deeper conversation with yourself as to why that is the case. You should be having more conversations with yourself so that you can start to create a bigger, better life for you. So broaden your thinking about the person you think you should be and expand your personal sense of self. A way to help may be to take some sort of class or plan a trip. Something that shakes up your usual life and reminds you that the world is bigger than you previously thought it to be.


The real is that this full moon is shining its light on the new-found intimacy you’ve created with yourself. Recently, you have taken steps that have allowed you to get a little more real with yourself, and you have allowed yourself to be more vulnerable to some deep truths about yourself. And these realizations have helped you to make some shifts that could affect your daily life in a positive way. Or perhaps you have just been daydreaming about the shifts you want to see in your daily life. Well, it is all attached to what you value most in life and the need to honor that. So whether you’re actually living it or just fantasizing about it, know that now you have the luck to actualize some changes that can make for a stronger, more assured you.


The real is that you’re allowing more of a playful fun into your life and it’s having a profound effect on you and your most important relationships. You are feeling more in tune with your personality, especially as you allow yourself to peel away some outdated ideas you’ve been carrying around of yourself. Know that people will notice and be attracted to the creative fire you are putting off these days. Your only problem will be how to make time for everyone and everything you want to do. Well, just make sure that you’re giving your time first and foremost to those you love in the deepest way. With them, you will truly be accessing all of the joy available to you at this time.


The real is that you’re feeling more in touch with your spirit self and it may be causing some rifts in the daily routine of your life. You may find that your soul wants to walk one way while your calendar is telling you to go another. The key is to make sure that you’re giving yourself a firm foundation from which to enter each of your daily life’s experiences. Perhaps a new, more grounded morning routine may help. And allow it to be one centered on getting in touch with your inner self, and not just your stomach with coffee or with your glutes at the gym. If you can make more time for your deepest self, you will find that your daily routine will shift to be more about what you’re learning to value now rather than what you valued years ago.


The real is that this full moon wants you to access your own creativity more. And not just in private where you can hide it away from people. It’s time to shine a light on your own creative genius and share it more with the world, or at least with those you communicate with on a regular basis. As you’re still in the process of a deep personal shift that is causing waves of growth in various areas of your life, you don’t have to rush it and shout your ideas out from the rooftops. But you should gain more confidence in knowing that your inspired ideas do carry weight. And don’t forget that it’s fun to create. And if anyone deserves to be having some fun right now, it’s you.


The real is that you should be all about spirituality and life purpose right now. It’s not time to mess around anymore and wait for your ship to come in. That particular ship has sailed. But thankfully, there is a new, better ship here for you that is ready for you to board and discover. And it’s all geared up to take you to a new home with a firmer foundation. And that is what you need right now. Because the home you’ve been living in had some cracks in its foundation, and it caused you to place weight in some things or people that maybe led you astray. But it’s all good. These have all just been lessons in your spiritual boot camp, which has been underway for the last year or so. So clear out the cobwebs at home and dispose of anything (remnants, thought patters) that reminds you of the broken home you’re now leaving behind.


The real is that this full moon is illuminating your mind, particularly your ideas and how well you are at communicating them these days. That’s not to say you’re doing a bad job at translating what’s on your mind. You just are starting to realize that a lot in your mind has shifted. An old way of thinking is heading out the door. You’re more open to ideas and possibilities that never seemed available to you before. And it’s really time now to take all of these new thoughts to serious heart. Are you sharing your deepest feelings with others? Or are you just going through the motions while keeping all the new elements of you bottled up inside? Or perhaps you’re living a new life on the outside without really talking about what’s going on. In all, just use this time to let a trusted confidante in a little further. It will actually help you to get a little further into who you’re becoming too.


The real is that you’re feeling a much-needed boost of self-esteem with this full moon, and it’s coming just as you’re getting truly in tune with the personal transformation that has been edging its way into your life. You’ve had a tough time in that an old you has been trying to fade away, but you haven’t entirely been letting her go that easily. Well now, you’re getting a real glimpse of your next incarnation and just how amazing this new you can be. So use this inspiration to say goodbye to some outdated ways of being that just won’t serve you in this next phase. Look to what you truly value right now as an indicator for what needs to go. For instance, if you value your work, then what is hindering you from putting all of your gusto into it? Or if it’s your family that comes first, then how are you participating in old activities that then show otherwise? It’s time to step up and take responsibility for the person you want to be. And now you have the energy to do it.


The real is that you are ready. You are ready to show people all of the new tools that you’ve picked up on your recent journey. You are ready to inspire people with all of the lessons you’ve faced and come out from wiser. You are ready to bring your special kind of soulfulness to everyone you come into contact with and invite them to take your lead by being more themselves. This is your full moon, Pisces. So use it to finally shed any pieces of you that just feel like last year’s news. And make sure that you do it in a way that invites other people into the same process. You are meant to compel others toward achieving right now, so don’t take that call too lightly.


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