Hey New Moon, Balance This!


When the Libra New Moon comes along and asks us all to attain some greater balance in our lives, I’m like, “Really bitch? How?”

I write this to you at 11:11 pm, after a remarkably long day. Hell, it has been a remarkably long week. But it has been full of very rewarding activities. I’m helping to wrap up delivery on a feature film that will be released in less than a month. I am working on producing a short film that is shooting in less than three weeks. I am starting to get into early prep mode on a short that I wrote and plan to direct in December. I am working on blog posts. I am reading charts for astrology clients. I am trying to get my health insurance changed. I am working out every day and meditating every morning. I am taking care of my dog and spending quality time with my man. I am seeing friends and making time to check in with my family. Now I am sure some version of this sounds familiar to you, as you could also probably fill up a paragraph with all the things that you’re juggling in your life. So when the Libra New Moon comes along and asks us all to attain some greater balance in our lives, I’m like, “Really bitch? How?”

Well, the Libra New Moon wants you to keep moving forward on all the important things you’re trying to execute with your life, but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. With so much movement right now, it’s important to take the time to prioritize and bring some structure to the way you’re handling all of your tasks and responsibilities. Libra is also about working with a partner. So don’t feel like you have to take on everything alone. You have others to help you lighten the load. You just have to get out of your own head and way long enough to turn and ask for help.


Take stock of everything you got going on and see if it’s all a necessity right now

At this time, there is also a shift trying to happen, to urge you more into your authenticity. But it’s forcing you to let go of certain elements of you that you thought were in it for the long haul. Be willing to say goodbye to those pieces of your psyche that were really just poor, stubborn habits. If you can do so, you will find yourself open up to more creativity, not just in what you do but also in how you approach continuing to build the person you want to be.

All of this is in the name of bringing more balance into your life. So take stock of everything you got going on and see if it’s all a necessity right now. If it is, then maybe you need to schedule yourself better so that you can fit it all in, but in a way that doesn’t make you hallucinate from sleep deprivation. Perhaps you just need to start putting everything into a calendar. Or again, maybe someone else can help you juggle it better. Just re-evaluate and see. Note that Mercury will be going retrograde on October 4th, so try to get some of this shift into motion before then. If not, you may just fall apart a bit. And that won’t be cute.

Here’s a brief closer look at where you can focus to unlock the door to greater balance:


Look to your closest relationships right now. Who are your three trusted folks? I am talking the ones who know the good, the bad, and the ugly you. When shit starts to hit the fan these days, turn to them to unload all that is going on, or to just ask for assistance. Sometimes all we need is to vent and release to another what we’re up against, so that we get some good ol’ fashioned encouragement to push us toward the finish line.


Look to your health right now, both inner and outer. How are you taking care of yourself in a way that leads to your optimal healthfulness and well being? It may be time to make some major adjustments to your eating habits, as what you eat could be affecting you in an emotional or mental way. You may also need to consider the words you’ve been feeding your mind. They need to be just as healthy as the food you eat.


Look to your creativity right now. But I am not just talking about a creative project here. I am talking about how you are creating the life you live. Are you taking the best care of you by painting your life with brilliant, bright colors right now? Most importantly, are you listening to yourself when it comes to the decisions you want to be making? Remember that you are the star of your own life. If you’ve forgotten that at all as of recent, now is the time to reclaim your leading role in the movie of you.


Look to your home life right now. Are you able to spend as much time as you need in it? If so, then make sure that it’s the best reflection of you, and that it allows you to accomplish a ton of what’s on your to-do list. If you can’t get there much, then you need to shift your days around so you can make more time to be there. It’s like dipping back into the well to restore. And this new moon is the perfect time to do so.


Look to your mind right now. What are you thinking about most and does it coincide with what you’re actually doing in your life? If you spend most hours contemplating your next vacation but you’re stuck at work all day, then something has to give. If you can’t travel, then how can you bring more of something like it into your life? You need to honor what’s on your mind so you can restore more order to your everyday life.


Look to your values right now. Are they really in alignment with who you know yourself to be? To really answer this, look to how you’ve literally been spending your money. Have you primarily purchased things that are necessities to getting by? Perhaps then you’re focusing too much on simply surviving. How are you balancing that with pleasure? Maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, take stock and see how you can make sure you’re managing to have enough of both in your life.


Look to yourself right now. I am talking primarily about your personality. Have you ever taken the time to dissect it and see who it is you’re actually projecting out into the world? Are you letting all of you out into the world, or only some of you? It may be time to stop protecting those pieces of you that you’re too vulnerable to share with others. If you can release more of the you that only you intimately know to others, you may find doors opening to relationships, activities, and even career possibilities that before never seemed possible.


Look to your inner self right now. How good have you been at getting quiet with yourself and asking for inner guidance? You may feel a little uncertain about the direction of some areas of your life, but if you can get intimate with your spirit and ask for help, you will find assistance come to you. You just need to be willing to get deep about the parts of your life where you’re unhappy. If you can be honest about that, then you can open the door to some real healing.


Look to your dreams right now. I’m not talking about the ones you have at night. I am talking about the greater dreams of your life. How have you been making time for the realization of your truest hopes and dreams? Life wants you to be laying the groundwork for the big accomplishments you have in store. Even if for right now this work can only live in the mental space, then do it. Start dreaming away so that you can make some deeper wishes come true sooner rather than later.


Look to your career right now. Does it feel like it’s running smoothly or is it facing some chaos? If the former, then continue to move toward it. You’re in a good zone, and it needs the love right now to help you build toward your better life. However, if it’s the latter, than perhaps you need to stop placing so much stock into it right now. Lay back and focus on other areas that need your love right now. Then you may just find answers to your career questions in the deepest moments of relaxation.


Look to your quest for higher knowledge right now. Are you feeling like a sponge right now, just soaking up every bit of information you come across? Continue to do so as everything you’re taking in is helping you build in many areas of your life. Now would even be an excellent time to learn a new skill or take on a class. If you’re not feeling driven to take in some new things, then force yourself out of your daily routine, and your head, and hit up a museum or a nice day trip. You need stimulation. And with the right kind, you’ll see needed shifts in and around your life.


Look to your ability to change right now. Would you say you are someone who lets go of things easily, or do you hold onto regrets, lost loves, or ideas that seem long dead but you hope to some day revive? Well it could be a good time to let some things fall by the wayside. This could be relationships, career ideas, or just some clothes that have finally worn out their wardrobe welcome. By releasing some of this outdated business, you’ll make room for some new, or even just some current that isn’t getting it’s fair due.


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