Every day is an opportunity to get closer to the truth.

It’s time to get closer to the truth of who you are and what it is you exactly want out of this life. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day. We have responsibilities to tackle. There are jobs to maintain and relationships to attend to. But we have to not lose sight of the greater picture. We did not sprout onto this earth so that we could simply “maintain” and “attend to” our lives. We have to see that we are here to get a sense of our greatness and to manifest from it.  Our goals should not be to “tackle” what’s ahead of us. Instead, we should be striving to actualize the dreams that line our spiritual DNA. We must do all we can to be our best selves.

The way you spend your days says a lot. Perhaps your day to day is full of activities that are pushing you toward achieving your greatness. And if so, I say, “Bravo”. But I also question you and ask whether you’re actually feeling entirely in tune with the path you believe in your heart to be yours at this time. Is your life driven by your inspiration or more so by your desire to survive? You may not even know what unlocking your greatness would look like. If so, then it’s time to ask your inner self that question. If you’ve already asked yourself this and know where you want to head, then clarify that these goals you have color everything you do with your life.


These are the messages of the Sagittarius New Moon.

The Sagittarius New Moon wants you to question your truth and whether you are being completely honest with yourself. Everyone has been feeling an intense inner shift over the last two years, so we have to make sure that we are acting upon all the new information that has been given to us about ourselves. Venus is also involved here so the answers may lie in the people you find yourself surrounded by these days. Are you spending your time with folks that inspire you or with ones who suck your energy? This new moon time is a good chance to really come clean with your deeper self about it.

Who do you welcome into your life and why? If you have a good circle of people, then surround yourself with them this weekend. Allow yourselves to bask in each others lights and motivate one another toward your goals. But if most in your life are downers, well then, you need to ditch them this weekend and remind yourself what it’s like to feel good. It will push you toward getting more in touch with the goals you have and the dreams you want to live out in your life.

We need to pay close attention to what is motivating our goals and dreams.

Someone may believe that being his or her best self means being a movie star. But is that propelled by a deep need to create and share those creations with the entire world? Or is it driven by a subconscious need to be seen or heard, perhaps just a remnant of a little seen childhood? Yes, we’re talking deep here. And that is what this Sag New Moon wants of you. Be honest with you. Be true. And then take some action on those truths. And right now, know that you have others who can help you along the way.

Here’s a deeper look for each sign:

Use this new moon energy to really expand the vision you have for yourself. You may think you’re aspiring to a 10 when you’re really just working toward a 6. This weekend, make a list of the greatest things you hope to achieve with your life. Put it on paper so you have physical proof to hold you accountable. And then share it with some trusted friends. For inspiration, get out side of your usual routine and, in some way, travel somewhere that can help you broaden your personal vision.

The last two years have offered so much growth for you in the area of personal relationships. You have worked hard to strengthen those that are meaningful and gut out the ones that don’t hold weight. And you’re still negotiating some of the truths that the transformation in this area has brought up. But take this time to look within. Sure, your partners and close friends may have some more issues to work out, and they affect you. But their issue mirrors one of your own. So use this new moon time to focus on that stubborn piece of you that’s still in need of some letting go.

This new moon wants you to look at the truth of your closest relationships right now. More than anyone, you must be sure that those in your life are true blue and are helping you work toward you manifesting your personal best intentions. If so, then this may be time to up the commitment there. But if not, then it may be time to get real honest with yourself about what this relationship is doing for you. And this isn’t just romantic. Who are the people you let in the deepest? And are they the best for you?

Are you stuck in a bit of a rut? Is your day-to-day routine starting to get a little stale. Sure you may love what you do and the people you see, but it may be time to expand your horizons. You Cancers can get real comfortable but that can stall your personal growth. So shake off the usual and try to give yourself more surprising things to add into your routine. It’s time.

You are feeling in the creative spirit right now, and need to get honest with yourself about it. Perhaps you are and you’re creative fire is burning. Then continue to play with it and even use this time to let some others into your process. But if you’re not tapped in, then you may be restless. And it may be time to come clean with those you cherish most about what you want to be creating right now, whether it’s a more comfortable home, a family, or an art project.

This new moon time is an opportunity to expand the vision you have for what you call home. It may be the physical place you live. If that’s been on the brain, then it could be time to start considering a change of residence. And could it be somewhere that initially seemed like a pipe dream? If it’s not your home, then it’s about being honest about what you need to be doing in life in order to feel at home. For instance, if you need to be dancing to be at home in your skin but haven’t been partaking in it as of late, then get thee to a dance floor and confess.

You can be good at telling people what you think they want to hear instead of exactly what’s on your mind. It’s not that you like to lie or are afraid of judgment. You just like to keep the peace. Well, this new moon wants you to be more no holds barred with what is really going on deep inside of your psyche. Yes, it can be scary to tell others how you really feel about something. But if you tell the right folks, you may find your mentality expanded and yourself inspired.

So much has changed at your core level that you sometimes scare yourself with what you think and feel these days. And with this change has come a shift in what you value. Whereas before you may have put money at the top of your list, you now may put home and family there. But be honest with yourself about these things. You may not be fully giving these shifts the weight they deserve. If you have been pondering some changes in what you care about most, talk to some trusted partners about and get your self some clarity.

The last two years have sent you on a very deep inner journey, causing you to face some demons of the past. But it was so you could hopefully release them. If you have avoided that process, then you may find yourself embroiled in some deep thoughts this weekend. But if you have been in that work, then use this new moon time to expand the vision you have of yourself. Specifically, play with some ideas for personal changes you can make so the world can see on the outside the new you that’s blossomed on the inside.

Major internal changes have been going on for you over the last few years. You were always a bit serious but now you’re taking your personal truth more seriously. This should have you steering away from simply striving for success for the sake of achieving. Rather, you want your soul to be invested in it. And this new moon wants you to pause a beat and ask yourself if you’re still headed in the right direction or if it’s time to ponder a shift. Something may have to change soon so that you can certain that you’re not missing an opportunity to be completely in your joy.

This new moon wants you to examine what you see as your place in the world and whether you’re doing your best to actualize it. Since you’re a mental creature, you can get caught up in dreaming about your big life rather than living it. And you can be stalled when you don’t see dreams manifest right away. Specifically in your career, you’ve felt some challenge as of late. But those tests have really been there for you to see if what you think you wanted to do was really the thing. You should have more clarity now on your life’s mission, so take this time to shout it from the rooftops. If you do, life will rise up to meet you at the place you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

It’s time to be honest about what you want your life purpose to be. Yeah, just a small task. But lately, you’ve been in situations that have helped you expand your mind and have offered up some new areas for you to potentially consider. So don’t be afraid if you think you don’t have it all figured out. Instead, look at that uncertainty as on opportunity to get real close to yourself. At the end of the day, you Pisces like to dive deep so get real with some of the ideas you’ve had about your personal goals. It’s okay to change your mind if you need to. In fact, it can be one of the bravest things a person can do.


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