It’s Time To Be the Star of Your Own Show

Are you ready for the spotlight of your soulful awakening?

Like most of you, I am looking for a new beginning.  But what I have realized is that it’s not going to come in the form of a new job, a move, or a lottery ticket.  It is going to come from the inside out, so I must start by shifting how I think and feel about myself.  You see, I have been clinging on to pieces of outdated fiction that have structured my internal story, and I am finally able to see them for just that – stories.  Simply remnants from the young me that are unwilling to be left behind.  Old mentalities.  Wicked fears.  Childhood regrets and insecurities.  I have known of their existence for some time now, but my mind just could not detach.  They created a sense of safety, as they had been all I knew.  So even when I told myself it was time to let them go, it was just the old me creating a moment of self sabotage.  I knew I wouldn’t really be strong enough to detach.  Until now.

Given all the intense astrological business that’s been going on these last few months, I have crafted some new habits for myself.  They are allowing me to get some distance from the outdated thinking that was holding on for dear life.  Sure, there’s always a chance I’ll slip and end up eating a whole chocolate cake to myself, metaphorically speaking.  (Mine would be a carrot cake.)  But I have to believe that a new beginning is possible, one that I can cease and own.  I have to believe in myself.  For only from honest self-belief can one be inspired to birth his or her greatness.

Spring is here and the planets want us to move into action in a big way

The Aries new moon is here to illuminate the essence of our truest potential so that we can bring a soul-felt new beginning into existence for ourselves.  These last couple of months have been a lot of “who am I?” and “What do I need right now?” moments.  Lots of starts that have gotten us closer to our dreams, but then some stops too, which has made it all rather frustrating at times.  What we must realize is that there were some much-needed tweaks to our internal selves that needed to occur before we could manifest our goals.  Now hopefully you have been doing the internal work to get you more in touch with those necessary shifts you must make.  If not, stop reading and get to work.  Or just make this new moon all about initiating a more honest relationship with you.

A new cycle is upon us.  Spring is here and the planets want us to move into action in a big way.  No more daydreaming.  As some would say, it’s time to shit or get off the pot.  Either we are taking responsibility for the soul transformation into our new unique selves that wants to occur, or we are running away, perhaps never to be heard from again.  And you wouldn’t do that, right?

Let this Aries new moon be your opening number

I hear a lot of you feeling this shift – this urge to break out of old patterns (relationships, careers, ways of being) and really bring the real you to light.  Well now is “make it or break it” time.  And I want to see you succeed.  Think of it as if you have been working behind the scenes on the play of your life this whole time, and now it’s time to take center stage.  Are you ready for the spotlight of your soulful awakening?  Is it time to get out there and give it all you got?  Let this Aries new moon be your opening number.

Per usual, here are some more specific thoughts on each sign:


Have you ever just wanted to start all over?  Get in your car, drive to some random town, and set up a new life for yourself?  Well, metaphorically speaking now is the time for you to do just that.  Or screw the metaphor, as you may just feel the urge to pack up and move.  The Universe wants to support you right now in starting a new chapter, and it can be big.  So drop your last name and just go by one name, dye your hair a fiery red, and/or be the first in your family to turn your back on the norm and do things in your own unique way.  It’s your year to make some dreams come true, but you won’t accomplish them if you’re still relating to yourself in the same old tired way.


The unknown is a scary space, formless but present in every moment of our lives.  And for you, it’s been even more present as much of your life right now is being governed by it.  With the unknown comes the great need to surrender, and that is what you are being called upon to do.  But it isn’t entirely about throwing your arms up and shouting, “I surrender all!”  Yes, a lot of your next chapter is being cooked up underneath the surface in your subconscious and your dreams.  So you must become more alert with the messages you are sending to yourself.  If you aspire to be the next Beyonce in your career but then talk down to yourself and let others treat you like a telemarketer, then you have another thing coming.  So take greater responsibility for that deep connection with you and let your relationship life be your truest mirror and your guide.


That major internal shift is no joke.  Things are a’changing.  You feel uneasy and a little afraid of your own truth sometimes.  And there is nothing worse than a Gemini who is holding back or feeling shoved into some situation where his or her piece of mind can’t be heard.  So how do you assimilate this brave but fragile new inner world into the one you have created for yourself over the last couple of years?  Well, it’s time to open it up.  You have got to expand the scope of your life.  You have been living a bit too small for your own good.  The world is a grand place, so you should figure out how to live more fully in it.  For example, consider whether you are working for your own greater good or for the greater good of everyone.  If the former is true, how can you adopt a mentality that shifts what you do to be for the latter?  This will allow you to see that you’re not so alone, which will also make you feel more comfortable in your newfound truth.


It’s time to inspire some new thinking around your career.  There’s a lot of excitement around some new projects, but your mind still wants a bit of a vacation before you dive all the way into any of them.  So how about using a little downtime to gain some mental clarity around how to take you and your career to the next level.  The key isn’t what you do next but whom you do it with over the next year.  Perhaps you’ve hit a rut with some of your working relationships.  Note that it’s important to infuse some new people into your work life.  That way, you can gain new perspective on what you do and still have the nurturing environment you need to work in.  I promise that you won’t lose anyone by moving onto other relationships – you will only broaden the circle.


Leo, I don’t exactly believe that you need to find a new career path.  But I do believe that you need to nurture some hobbies or side passions as if you were taking a class in them where your life depended on a good grade.  This new cycle is all about treating yourself like an explorer of the self, allowing for new internal territory to be mined for personal gold.  So if you can become more of a student to the things that get you excited, you may ultimately be able to move them into a place where you’re paid to do them.  And isn’t that what you really want?  To be recognized and valued for the things that make your light shine brightest?


You are currently in the midst of an in-depth awakening of your creativity, which will need you to be your most authentic self.  But you can get so caught up in your head about calculating these personal shifts that your body and spirit can get left behind.  Well, the best exercise I can think of to merge body and spirit into one…well, it’s sex.  I know that you Virgo’s are the virgin of the zodiac.  But I also know you have both a freaky side.  So this new chapter asks you to drum up your sexuality and bring more of your sensual side into everything that you do.  It’s time to let go of the head so that your body can move freely and without reservation.  So put your judgments to bed early during this new moon and remind yourself how to integrate more of your primal, physical being into your everyday life.


You are one of the friendliest in the zodiac – so much so that you sometimes can spread yourself too thin.  Sure, you have a handful of people that you’ve let in and will trust with your most unique you.  But for the most part, you can see different people every day for weeks and still feel fulfilled at the end of it.  Well this new chapter is all about committing to a few in a really big way.  It’s time to structure a home for your key relationships that is secure and comfortable.  In fact, I would urge you to have a commitment ceremony of sorts with each of the key people in your life.  It will send a message to them that you don’t take their love for granted, but it will also remind you that you can’t do it all in this life alone.  You have to rely on others for emotional support or else you’ll be stuck with one of those fair-weather friends when you’re approaching the eye of the storm.


You are being tasked these days with breaking down walls when it comes to your communication skills.  Gone are the days when you could just nod your head or widen your eyes to get someone to do what you wanted.  Now you actually have to come out of hiding and talk when you need something.  And that’s okay.  It’s growth.  And right now, it is most evident in your day-to-day routine.  Whether you have a job or a relationship or some other specific task that primarily takes up your day, you are learning that you have to communicate clearly in order to really succeed.  Or you end up buried under a pile of frustration.  Now all this doesn’t mean that you are going to be dealing with others who know how to communicate.  So you have to step up and take the lead, whether it’s comfortable or not.  It’s time to be the boss, even if you’re technically not.  It just means trusting yourself in a big way that you can do it.


I get it.  You’re a bit concerned with your financial future and really just the future of your security.  Have you manifested enough, or put yourself in a position to keep comfortable as the years move on.  But this year, you have to not get bogged down by practicality.  Your creativity is blossoming in a big way and that doesn’t just mean that you’re making headway when it comes to that novel or art piece.  Right now, you have the opportunity to get some big ideas on the table and bring them to fruition.  What’s needed is a firm belief in yourself and some action when it comes to actualizing your dreams.  Don’t just spout out ideas for fun like you usually do.  Grab hold of momentum and create your next chapter from scratch.  If you do, you could actually find yourself spending each day doing something that inspires you.


How much do you value your family and your home life?  And I don’t just mean your couch downtime in between work ventures.  I am talking about your relationship with the place you call home and the people you share it with each day.  This year, the rest of your life will be a reflection of it so I ask you to give it serious consideration.  Is it plush and cozy but lonely?  What about aesthetically pleasing yet cold to the touch?  Do you feel entirely at home with the people who live with you, or do they feel like strangers?  Whatever the case, now is the time to give it a firm investment.  Infuse it with all the things you want this year.  If you’re trying to call in a relationship but haven’t had anyone over in three years, that’s a problem.  Throw a dinner party.  Or is it always packed with kids and people, leaving you little time for you?  Then set up a personal sanctuary space that is yours and yours alone.  You will then see clarity spread to other important areas in your life as well.


Inspiration is coming to you almost out of nowhere, and you must find a healthy way to communicate it.  Whether you’re generating ideas for stories or ways to improve efficiency at work, find an audience and share your ideas.  The great thing is that this quick-witted Aries energy is filtering through your humanitarian mind, so whatever larger thoughts are coming through somewhat have the greater good instilled in them.  So know that this isn’t just vain opportunity for you to gain recognition.  Right now you have the chance to shed light on how to make some changes or draw attention to societal issues that need to be seen in a new way.  That is what you do, Aquarius.  You bring a unique spin to the way the world is seen.  And you’re tapped into the universal consciousness right now, so share what you know and others will see the benefits.


Of all the members of the zodiac, you are usually the least concerned with money.  You will at times just rely on a rain-dance and expect coins to appear from the sky.  But right now, you’re actually pretty tapped into the tangible world of money and can call it into existence in a way that you haven’t in the past.  You just need to be willing to step out of the shadows and trust that you have something to offer.  If you don’t value yourself enough to accomplish whatever financial task is at hand, then you won’t see any results.  But if you can step up this year into a level of confidence that, in the past, you have only reserved for really drunken nights, then you will see yourself coming out on top of the financial heap.  Start by talking to everyone you can about what you need and what you can offer to get it.  If you practice that confident speech enough, you will ultimately mean it enough so that you can make it rain.


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