Can You Please Just Trust Yourself Already?


The Scorpio Full Moon teaches us that we have to let go of emotional control and trust that what we want is already in the process of being manifested

I’m sorry to be so late in the game with my Full Moon piece.  I have spent the last week in New York City at work on the movie that I am helping to produce.  I was also able to visit some old friends who I hadn’t seen in a while.  And most importantly, I was able to reconnect with a city that I left almost ten years ago to pursue a new life and some bigger dreams in Los Angeles.  On my last night in Brooklyn, I was able to stand on a rooftop overlooking Manhattan, and I was struck with the enormity of it.  And I was struck with the fact that I lived there.  A young man with barely any money and no job, I had moved there in my early twenties to follow the lifelong goal to live in New York City.  And I did it.  In that moment of remembrance, I was able to recognize the strength and determination that dwells within me.  But I sometimes lose sight of it and feel afraid or apprehensive.  This trip gave me the gift of hindsight and allowed me to see all of the man that I am.  There, on that building rooftop in Dumbo, I was able to see the fearless man that I can be, and I was able to let go of some of the timid man I had become.  A piece of me had come home, and just in time for the Scorpio Full Moon.

The Scorpio Full Moon teaches us that we have to let go of emotional control and trust that what we want is already in the process of being manifested.  We may have fears around some of the things going on in our lives.  A lot of us are being asked to step up and accept more responsibility for our selves and our life choices.  And this full moon is amplifying that, as our souls are continuing their push towards maturity and growth.  If we are able to trust our intuition and let our purest inner voice guide us, we then can really see the fruits of our greatest dreams start to emerge on the tree of life.  And I know we all want that.  But in order to truly get the dreams fulfilled, we have to believe wholeheartedly that they can.  We have to let go and trust.

Be one who originates positivity and change in your life

The ideas for all the changes you want to take root are still emerging, and those projects you want to bring into full light are still immersed in a lot more discussion that you would like.  But this is the test.  We all must be willing to do the mental and physical work toward manifesting a goal with the belief that everything we want will work out.  If we can’t allow that faith inside and instill it into the work we’re doing, we will instead work from a place of fear.  And that will only cause us to destroy everything we have worked toward up until this point.  So don’t be one of the destroyers.  Be one who originates positivity and change in your life.  Have faith in yourself and what you want.  That is the only way to succeed.

This Full Moon is also an eclipse, which in astrology means that the energy of it intensifies over the next couple of weeks as we head to the new moon in Taurus.  That one will also come with an eclipse.  As Susan Miller calls it, this is an “eclipse season”, as we will then have a third eclipse at the end of May.  All this is to say that everything we are trying to put into motion can happen, but it comes at a price.  And it’s an internal one.  We have to face everything with a strength and grace we may have never seen inside of us before.  Or, like me, had forgotten that we already have.


So let go of your preconceived notions of you and invite a greater transformation into your life.  I know you can.  Here are some quick little capsules of knowledge to better help you do so:


I know you want to invite a greater financial situation into your life, and your current situation may feel complicated or far from what you really want for yourself.  Well, in order to have abundance, you must put some money energy out into the world.  So take a piece of what you have and invest in yourself in some way.  You may need a new piece of clothing to help you look like a million bucks, so that someone will then turn around and give you a million bucks.


I know you want to find that partner for your life or feel a firmer commitment to the one you already have.  The best way to get it is to let of wanting it.  Sure, easier said than done.  But if you can focus solely on how great, creative, and wonderful you are, and stop looking outside for that gratification, you will be able to truly fall in love with yourself.  And as the Scorpio queen Rupaul says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”


I know that you may be feeling a little crazier than usual.  Just blame the planets.  But you also have buried some pieces of yourself or your life that you don’t want to deal with or find hard to face.  It’s time to dig deep and let go of the excess emotional baggage so you can move forward.  Look at your relationship with your health.  Are you carrying around unneeded weight?  Perhaps you’re just always feeling sick.  That is actually your subconscious way of storing negative energy.  So get clear in your mind and watch your body’s health follow.


I know you like your alone time but you must let go of the need for seclusion so you can meet some new people and get creative in a new, exciting way.  If you’re feeling a little stale, it may be because you’ve painted yourself into a bit of a corner.  Sure the people you’ve painted yourself close to are great, old friends who are the comfort food for your soul.  But you need some new social energy in your diet.  If you can mix it up, you’ll see a great new creative project emerge.


I know you are all about finding a new home that feels all your own and preparing to take on a shift in your family life.  But don’t forget about your greater life purpose.  Sure, you may feel like you’re meant to be a mom or dad but you also have a responsibility to the world.  So how can you wed the two?  Make sure that your home life isn’t completely overshadowing your goals.  The two must be integrated.  Trust that the home stuff will work out and you will free yourself up to make some greater changes in the life direction stuff you really want to manifest.


I know you are a reservoir of information, as you soak in every experience and file it away for later usage.  Well, I have a feeling that you’re getting the urge to share some of your knowledge in some grand way.  Whether it’s teaching or mentoring or just starting a discussion group over a topic you love, take the reins and get communicating.  It’s great that you’re thinking about all these exciting new ideas and concepts, but you have to share them with the like-minded, or you won’t truly be satisfied.


I know you are the responsible one but I want you to let your hair down.  You have had a lot moving through your house of transformation, so I feel like you’re getting better at following your whims and soaking up everything that life has to offer.  So continue on that path and go even bolder.  What would you do if you didn’t think anyone would judge you?  Let go of what you think would happen and initiate a dream just for the sake of experience.  It may just change your entire life.


I know you’re super emotional right now and feeling a little stifled by it.  You’re feeling things suddenly and in a big way.  And you may be crying sometimes and you don’t know why.  Well, that may very well be the case with this full moon.  But let it out.  You are always the strong and silent one, and storing emotion up in some secret cave isn’t going to help you in the long run, especially in your relationships.  So be emotional but then also be grateful for those in your life you can turn to when these times arise.  And let them know how much they mean to you.  You will feel better in the end.


I know you’re getting a stronger connection to your spiritual side, if you’re manifesting this current energy in a positive way.  Or you may be getting a stronger connection to a wine bottle or bong.  If the latter is the case, then you may want to take a break and restore yourself back to health.  Because either way, you have a real potential to broaden the scope of your spiritual self so that you can make some important, positive changes in your daily world.  If you find yourself returning to some old life habits in the next month, you may be doing something wrong.


I know your soul is stirring and you’re feeling a deeper rumbling for some change in your life.  If you pay attention to what you like or don’t like in the coming weeks, you will be able to weed out the bad from the good.  And even though you’re feeling extra busy, you will still have opportunity to take stock of what you need.  The key will be to give your self some personal time to be creative.  You are good at helping others with their work, but you need to do some of your own right now in order to maximize your own personal greatness.


I know you’re aching to manifest your life purpose right now so you can just live the dream, but in all this trying, you have lost sight of what you actually really love.  It’s become about the idea of what you want and not actually about the thing you love to do.  So use this current energy to come back home to it.  But start small.  I would guess that the things you need to start building your dreams are in your house and right in front of you.  Go back to being small and build a fort.  It will remind you just how easy it is to build something that invites both fun and success.


I know you’re used to being the quiet one or the crazy sidekick but now it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make some shit happen.  You need to consider letting go of being the attentive student and communicate what you know inside to be the plan of action.  Are you second-guessing yourself too much?  That’s okay, but there comes a time when you must trust and know that your ideas and opinions are just as valid.  If you wait around and reserve yourself, you’ll be the only one to blame when you turn up unhappy in the end.


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  1. Hey Angel
    How are you. Funny I’m in LA and you were in Brooklyn. Hope everything is going well.

    Sent from Litany’s iPhone, hopefully.

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