Do You Love Yourself, or Whisky and Cheetos More?

When it comes to placing value on our selves and our own personal needs, we can all look pretty damn cheap

I was recently giving a reading to someone and we got into a discussion about the second house, which rules all things material and money.  It’s also the house where Taurus usually lives.  As we dug into the state of her financial affairs, I urged her to also think of value and worth in a different way.  Perhaps this time in her life wasn’t about her raking in a pot of gold to then turn into a new house or car.  Or maybe it was.  However, in order for her to actualize that physical wealth, she was going to have to first get into contact with her own sense of internal wealth.  And after chiseling away at that notion, she got it.  She was making money but was unable to hold onto it in a meaningful way, because she wasn’t applying it towards things she personally valued.  Instead, she was putting it towards things that she felt she should have based on other people’s ideas for her life.  And this life isn’t about pleasing others.  It’s about coming into contact with what we inherently treasure, and then materializing that into existence.  This can be hard for a lot of us.  Because when it comes to placing value on our selves and our own personal needs, we can all look pretty damn cheap.

The relationship you have with money is a direct response to your own sense of self worth.  That doesn’t entirely mean that if you’re broke, you hate yourself.  What it does mean is that you have to become more aware of where you place value in your life and whether that is in alignment with the worth you place on yourself.  For instance, you may claim to value your health but then spend money on whisky and Cheetos.  Sure, a splurge is important and we all should have some fun.  But, if your idea of fun is getting drunk and licking that weird yellow dust off your fingers, then your personal values may be a little out of whack.


The Taurus new moon is here to help you hone in on where your sense of personal worth needs some attention

You must take stock of your life and become more vigilant about your choices and the messages they send back to your psyche.  Thankfully, the Taurus new moon is here to help you hone in on where your sense of personal worth needs some attention.  Once you better understand where your focus needs to be, it’s then a perfect time to plant seeds for new growth.  And hopefully, if you play your cards right, the Taurus new moon tree that grows for you will have some money dangling from it.

Taurus is about manifestation.  It’s about turning inspiration into the tangible.  Thus, the Taurus new moon is about sprouting those ideas into living, breathing reality.  And this one is powerful, as it has Mercury (thought, communication) and Mars (action) right behind it, pushing it toward optimal growth.  But again, note that nothing will fruit if you’re not in touch with what you need.  Or you will just have more of what you don’t want blossom, and then you’ll have an abundance of more to complain about in work, at home, etc.  So how in touch are you with what you truly value?  Are your actions in alignment with that?  What is the state of your personal integrity?  Do you need to make it stronger and, if so, how does happen?

Here’s a brief look at each sign, with the hopes of offering you some personal growth and a little realness:


More than anyone, your sense of worth right now is tied into your income.  That means you have the clearest opportunity to reboot your finances.  But in order to make best use of this new moon, you must get very clear about what you most value and how much you believe you’re worth.  Start by making a list of all the things in life that truly matter to you.  Then pretend that you have $100 to spend and apply a monetary value to each of the things on your list.  It will be interesting to see what you will or won’t choose to spend money on when you have to actually shell out the cash.  Based on the outcome, you should find yourself making some serious adjustments to your routine and lifestyle.


Last night, I drove by a year-round Halloween shop and wondered when the hell that comes in handy, other than October.  Well, it would actually be a great resource for you right now.  You see, it’s very important to dress the part.  So if your goal is to be a successful doctor or a star in the spotlight, you must visually show yourself that you want it.  If you’re telling yourself that you’re meant to be somebody, but then actually showing yourself that your “best foot” is really just your “my foot’s okay for what I got right now”, then you’re never going to believe that you can be what you dream.  So make some adjustments and show yourself that you mean business.  You don’t need a million dollars to look it.  But you need to start looking it in order to manifest it.


You are truly in the midst of a powerful personal expansion, testing yourself to jump out of your comfort zone and meeting new aspects of your personality that you didn’t know existed.  The best way to take full advantage of this potential “You” breakthrough is to actually get more in touch with what’s going on beneath the surface.  Your subconscious is driving you in a big way right now so trust that a lot of your choices are of a divine order.  And the clearer you are with yourself, the easier it will be for your goals to manifest.  So how do you get clear?  First, find a way to get yourself quiet and seek some inner peace.  Then, get in touch with the new dreams you have for your life and what you want to accomplish for yourself.  Finally, you must reveal them to someone close to you.  Remember, a tree can only grow with some outside nourishment.


If you spend this new moon time alone with yourself a good book or your Netflix, you are doing yourself a major disservice.  You see, you have the opportunity to connect with the world in a much larger way.  And I bet it hasn’t seen the most unique aspects of you just yet.  You are starting to learn how to integrate a bit more of yourself into all that you do, but now it’s time to start sharing yourself with the world.  Get yourself out there and talk to some people who would usually be out of your typical sphere of existence.  Or partake in some sort of silly ritual or crazy game where you have to make a fool of yourself in some way.  The more you can broaden the way you see yourself and the world, the larger your rewards will be.


It’s finally time to reap the benefits of all your hard work in a big way.  Your career should be booming right now, or you should at least feel like you’re getting on track when it comes to actualizing your life purpose.  So harness this energy and make a clear list of the seven things you want to accomplish for yourself in the next year.  How big do you want your career to be?  Get specific and plant those seeds.  If you’re not feeling like success has found you yet, then what can you start doing to show yourself that you care deeply about your success?  You must place value on your need to succeed, and to do so by doing something you love.  Make sure that you’re finding ways to show yourself that you still believe, and you will quickly see things start to pick up.


This new moon is all about learning for you.  What are you learning about yourself and where in life do you want to be a better student?  It may just be that you want to focus more on one of your passions.  A language or some form of art would be a great way to show yourself that you value your personal growth.  Know that this is also about loving yourself more and honoring the truest form of your self.  At this time, you may also be drawn to teaching others how to manifest their best versions of self.  You are inherently a healer, Virgo, so own that and take the time to show others that you value their hopes and needs.  By helping someone embody their potential, you actually do yourself the greatest service of all.


This season, it’s time for a shift.  Some part of your life has been aching to come to a close.  It may be a job or an outlook on something or a relationship.  But it is something that you have connected to your perspective of yourself, and now you must move forward and see yourself in a new light.  If you know what it is, you have conquered half the battle.  If not, take serious stock and be honest with what doesn’t fit the new you that is trying to emerge.  The greatest challenge is that you don’t like to rock the boat too much.  You can at times be afraid that if you change, others may not like you anymore.  But this time needs to be about you.  Try using this mantra upon awaking for the next seven days.  “I am being born for the very first time today and I can be whoever wants to unfold right now.”  Cast judgment aside and others will follow suit.


I know it can be hard with so much restructuring going on in and around you right now.  But you are an agent of change for those around you, pushing them to grow and transform.  So now it’s your turn to shake things up.  You’ve already been doing that for the last year in a big way, so now it’s time to check in with your relationships and see how they are matching up.  Are you being supported where you need to be?  And are you being of support to those who need your special brand of committed but tough love?  Check in with those you consider the closest to you and make sure you’re still aligning where it matters.  You need to be sharing everything that’s going on with you so be clear that you’re sharing it with those who can best help you to get through it.


Your daily life is starting to really blossom and you’re getting busy again.  Just make sure that you’re filling it with things that exemplify your personal values and are making you feel of worth.  If you’re unable to fulfill that with your daily work routine, then you must be strong and carve out time for something that is in alignment with your greatest needs.  Who cares if your boss doesn’t get why you need to come in an hour late for that daily run on the beach.  Or if you need to leave early so you can make it to that candle making class.  You have to own your daily life.  If you just give all of your days away to other people, then you have nothing to complain about whatsoever.  It’s your choice.  And only you can choose to give away your personal power.


This week, I want you to start some sort of personal creative project.  I don’t care if it’s a vision board, or a piece of writing, or a piece of furniture.  You are aching to be creative in some way, and it’s now time to bring it out into reality.  At this point, you may actually have more ideas then you actually have time for in reality.  Your problem can be that you only want to devote time that’s going to get you to the finish line, so some art project just seems frivolous.  But then don’t you see that you’re not giving worth to every aspect of yourself?  You are actually calling yourself silly.  So get over it, have some fun that doesn’t involve you distracting yourself from your own deeper desires, and honor that child in you that just wants to make something cool.


This new moon wants you to come home.  Family and home is where the foundation of you is created, and if you don’t have an attachment to either, then you’re standing on some shaky ground.  So get in touch with what home and family really mean to you.  And do your best to spend some time with those you consider your family and in the place you call home.  It is there that you should feel at your safest, and it should be the springboard for all your greatness.  So how can you make a commitment to place more value on these areas of your life?  Now remember, your family may not be the one you grew up in and can instead be one you have made for yourself.  Regardless, your connection to it is tied in to your own sense of stability.  So if you’re feeling unstable, figure out how your house and the people you love most are tied into it.  And how you can strengthen it.


You need to use your voice.  I feel like that has been a theme for you this year, and this new moon is an opportunity to place more value on your ideas and words.  Start out by knowing that all words, including our thoughts, have meaning.  So if you’re telling yourself anything that belittles you or assumes that you are less than, well then your life is going to reflect that.  And others will pick up on that and not look at you with the high regard you deserve.  Pay closer attention to the things you say to yourself and how those feelings are being expressed to others.  Then, give yourself more power to speak up in stronger ways.  What do you deserve to have in life?  Find a way to voice all that you want and put it out into the world.  Write it down.  Speak it in front of others.  Find a way to make your thoughts tangible, and they will be seeds planted for the Universe to then harvest.



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