Speak the Truth or Get Off the Pot!

This Sagittarius full moon is all about releasing your enlightened truth out into the world

I am writing this from a Hacienda in Spain where my boyfriend and I are traveling for a wedding.  At the rehearsal dinner, one of the grooms and I were chatting about the full moon, which will be hitting directly just some hours after he and his partner exchange their vows.  “What does it mean?” he asked.  “It’s in Sagittarius”, I told him.  “Speak the truth.”  His eyes got very wide.  Later, as I sat on a poolside lounge chair staring up at the rising moon, his partner came over to ask how I was doing.  “I heard what you said about the full moon.  Speak the truth you said.”  I nodded.  “That’s all you can do with this one.”  He also widened his eyes with the weight of that proposition.  Before we could get too much farther into it, we were interrupted and the conversation shifted.  But I was left to think that these two want to take this task on.  I mean, it’s their wedding.  The whole point is to stand up before your family and friends and state the honest to God truth about your feelings for the one you love.  And before a gay wedding, there has already been so much “coming clean” that has lead up to the event that the party should be the easy part.  (Or at least as easy as any wedding can be.)  But being honest is scary.  And most times, being honest to others isn’t as hard as being honest to your self.

This Sagittarius full moon is all about releasing your enlightened truth out into the world.  Sometimes we speak and think that we are speaking from our truth, but we’re actually not.  Instead, what we’re really doing is just talking to get through a situation.  We are talking for the sake of it rather than connecting to our more divine self and allowing our words to be guided from that place.  See, this full moon wants our spirit’s to be involved which makes honesty even harder to do.  Because of the current Gemini energy at play, our brains are also operating at a higher level right now, which means we can sometimes talk ourselves into believing a truth that isn’t entirely the case.  So, right now, we must work harder at connecting to our deeper selves so that we can be sure that our hearts and souls are involved along with our minds in making decisions.  Because we can make good decisions right now that can lead to sustainable paths for our current goals.  Again, it comes down to truth.

Come out of hiding about the truth of who you are

What area in your life needs your utmost truth right now?  Perhaps you are covering up the truth with thoughts like “It’s all gonna be alright” or “I’m fine” or “I don’t really believe that, I’m just being silly or fucking around” when you really want to be curling up in a ball and saying “Lord God, help me.”  Or you’re just not dealing with it at all and letting booze, drugs, or a fake relationship squash the pain.  You could also be facing it but feel that you’re struggling with the challenge.  Again, I ask you to turn to truth.

Come out of hiding about the truth of who you are.  Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel and speak what you know in your core to be true.  Show others the thoughts that exist behind the closed door of your mind.  And most importantly, be willing to tell yourself that you accept you with complete and utter love.  If you need to be a freak, so be it.  If you are afraid your friends won’t get it, fuck them.  If you’re partner doesn’t know something about you, share it now.  Because like begets like.  So enlightenment begets enlightenment.  And if you illuminate yourself, then you illuminate your world.  The lights on the path go on, and you can see more clearly where you need to go to make your dreams a reality.  And you can’t deny the truth of a situation because it is lit up for the whole world to see.  Yes, sometimes the truth is scary and painful, but it’s the only way to your personal destiny.  And if you’re reading this, I know that your goal is to find that destiny.

Let’s get a more specific sense of where in your life this could be affecting you:


The truth of your ideas is rather strong right now.  You’re getting into close connection with some divine inspiration, so honor that the inspired bursts invading your mind are worth elevating out into the world.  In fact, see yourself as a teacher of sorts and dole out wisdom as you see fit.  You have a sweet innocence to you that allows your truth telling to seem not as invasive as it could coming from others.  So people will be drawn to gathering your insights.  Just make sure that you also stay open enough to gather knowledge from others you come into contact with too.  Nobody like a know-it-all.


How committed have you been to the spiritual breakthrough that has been trying to move through you?  You may be talking a good game and giving it time when it’s convenient, but you may need to notch it up a level.  In fact, your guides want you to be putting your money where your mouth is.  If you value your internal life so much, then why are you letting things like money, fear of lack or scarcity, or relationship woes make your decisions for you?  It’s time to turn inward like you never have before and give yourself over to faith in a bigger way.  And if you think you have, re-evaluate the role your mind is playing in it.  Because you may be moving through the motions of a new you while your mind is still buried in the past of “I’m scared.”


You are coming into yourself and really getting a stronger sense of who you are and what you need to be happy.  So during this full moon, make sure that your closest relationships are reflecting all of that.  You have to be willing to stand up to the people in your life who may not be giving you all that you deserve.  Or more importantly, you may have to first stand up to yourself and say that you are tired of not giving you all that you deserve.  Apologize to yourself for not always being there for you and for giving yourself over too easily to less than perfect situations.  That will then highlight the others in your life who need the same talking to.


It’s time to let go of the tired routine.  It’s not helping you in any way to break new ground in the areas you are looking to forge change.  How can you best break out of your rut?  If you haven’t taken a trip lately, then get thee to an airport and shift your usual surroundings for a few days.  Even just get into the car or on a bus and go somewhere nearby that still feels out of the ordinary.  This will help you see that what you have is stale and what things or people in your life can go to make room for the new.  Because right now, you need the new.  So the more honest you can become about that, the easier it will be to get excited for what’s to come.


How “you” are you right now?  You know: fiery, creative, dynamic, strong, a leader?  Are you following in any way?  Are you trying to fit into the status quo in some area of your life just to feel a sense of security?  Well let me tell you that if you are, you are doing yourself a major disservice.  Right now, you have the opportunity to be burning down outdated structures of yourself with your power and bringing to life some new exciting projects.  In fact, you have the ability to birth so much right now that I would say a baby may be in your future, if you want it.  If you don’t, then be careful and direct that energy towards the type of powerful babies you want to have right now: your projects and ideas.


You haven’t been at home with yourself in a while.  Sure, you may have a family or a nice place to live, but have you been truly at home with who you are in some time?  Look to your career and whether it is fulfilling your life purpose at this time.  If it is, then how can you lay the foundation to better amplify your work out there into the world?  If it isn’t representing you and your main goals, then ask yourself why you’re not allowing yourself to be at one with your core being.  Are you letting those Virgo practicalities get in the way of manifesting your greatest vision?  Do you believe that you can truly be grounded and still do what you love?  It’s time to let go of the fear around that and go boldly where no Virgo has gone before: the unknown.


I have been reading the most amazing book by Richard Tarnas called “Cosmos and Psyche”, and he was just telling about Jung and his works on synchronicity.  Jung believed wholeheartedly in the idea that the Universe is speaking to us through signs and symbols in our daily lives, and I believe it is doing it for you Libran’s right now in a big way.  Since this full moon is going off like an inspiration bomb in your head, I want you to take note of all the thoughts that come into it at this time.  What sticks?  What continues to return and poke you toward action?  If something lingers, it may be spirit trying to tell you something.


What do you value most in life?  Friends?  Your career?  Your relationship?  Your freedom?  Whatever it is, the Universe wants you to make some sort of monetary investment toward it to show that you mean business when you think about what you love.  You see, your self-worth can sometimes get too caught up in the little things, so you forget to gauge yourself based on what really matters in your world.  So make a symbolic tithe toward something that’s important for the next chapter of your life.  It doesn’t have to be huge – just something to show yourself and others what is meaningful and that it’s time to take your future more seriously.


You are the truth seeker, but you come with a fiery force.  It’s time to put the fire down and open your heart up to the powerful moonlight.  Let that full moon radiate into the core of your being and allow it to illuminate your vulnerability.  That is what ultimately wants to shine forth when your personal truth is on the line.  And right now, it is.  And you are not being entirely honest with yourself about what that personal truth is and where it comes from.  I am not talking about the truth of a decision that needs to be made.  I am talking about the truth behind the truth.  So you must engage yourself on a deeper level and get behind the music of what’s really going on.  Until you can be truly honest with yourself about a situation, you will not have the proper answer and could make a foolish mistake.


The key to your truth lies inside of your dreams.  What images have your subconscious been steering you toward?  How can you get them out of your head and better understand what your spirit is trying to tell you?  I would also take note of the dreams you have in your waking life, because that is also paramount in understanding this next phase of your life.  What did you always want to be when you grew up?  What did the perfect partner, home, career look like and are you living it now?  If not, then you have to be honest with yourself that you perhaps settled for less and do the work to get yourself closer to the goal you planted in your heart so many years ago.


How are you helping the world?  When I think of Aquarius, I always think of Oprah, who is the quintessential example of your sign.  She cares deeply about helping others, but she wants you to always remember who did the helping.  I wonder if your life is currently lacking some of the humanitarian aspects.  When you can be of service to others and the world around, and do so without expecting reward, the Universe can then reward you in ways that you least expect it.  But you have to let go of trying to attain the outcome so that the Universe has opportunity to welcome it in.  If you’re too busy standing in front of the door looking for your ship to come in, there’s no way for anything to get into the room.  So go outside and do some work that benefits those less fortunate.  That way, you can get out of the way in a manner that is true to the core of who you are, so that then your next chapter can finally have room to begin.


You are the dreamer, the one who taps into the Universal consciousness and awakens the truth of spirit.  That is a big task so no wonder you like to just bury yourself in busy things or booze to help quell the responsibility.  But right now, you have to take on responsibility in a larger way because the truth of your life purpose is being illuminated.  Do you know what you’re supposed to be doing to make your mark on this world?  Are you wasting your time or letting fear keep you from actually making it a reality?  Well then, use this full moon energy to declare to the heavens what you are here to do and allow yourself to be fearlessly honest.  The Pisces can sometimes be too passive to be entirely brave, but now is the time.


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