I’m So Over Mercury Retrograde


It’s now become synonymous with the general state of things just going into “all fucked-up” mode

You’ve probably seen it in your Facebook newsfeed or overheard it in the kitchen at work. Or perhaps you yourself have uttered it out loud. “Mercury is in retrograde”. It’s now become synonymous with the general state of things just going into “all fucked-up” mode. Yes, it does signify a time when computers go all bonkers and important pieces of work don’t save properly or disappear all together. Mercury does rule communication. So Mercury was probably looking the other way when Carrie Bradshaw’s Mac got the “sad face”, and she learned the harsh rule of needing to back up her work. Hell, even I was hit with the device breakdown of it all when my Ipod had its recent meltdown (Mercury on Shuffle). But I do think people amplify the effects of this transit by looking for it in everything. A miscommunication occurs. Mercury retrograde. That check gets lost in the mail. Mercury retrograde. An entire bag of chocolate chip cookies finds its way into your house and then into your belly, all in one night. Mercury retrograde. Sure, its hazy ways can confuse or complicate things. But the point of it isn’t to just make your life harder, or to assign it blame when something seemingly goes wrong. In fact, Mercury and its current retrograde have some important business for you to attend to at this time.


So what’s the deal, Mercury?

Mercury is stalled in Scorpio right now, where it finds itself hanging with the likes of Saturn. Those of you who have been paying attention or know astrology have a sense of Saturn. It’s the planet that rules our greatest fears and creates limitations. Some could say that its current meeting with Mercury will inhibit the areas that Mercury rules – thought and communication. And yes, that is true. Right now, our minds can be more fearful or on lock-down in some way. But we should look deeper at the fact that all of this is going on in Scorpio, the sign that wants us to shift at a soul level. And since Saturn went into Scorpio about a year ago, I believe we have all been feeling a push, or shove rather, toward some sort of serious personal transformation. Over the past year, shit has just gotten incredibly real. We’ve all been dealing with major life shifts in some area of our lives, or we’re coming face to face with the realities of life and death in a more meaningful way. And that is because Saturn also wants us to be more responsible wherever it hits us. It urges us to grow up and handle ourselves like an adult in some aspect of our lives. So having that energy atop Mercury is actually a good thing, if you give it a certain perspective.

This Mercury retrograde wants you to become more responsible in how you think and then communicate your thoughts to others. You cannot just utter the first words that come to mind. Instead, you must take pause. Mercury also wants you to be more aware of how you talk to yourself and thus how you then allow that interpersonal relationship to color what comes out of your mouth or fingertips. You don’t quite realize the things you say to yourself, even just in passing. “I’m a mess.” “I’m having a fat day. ”I look so old.” “I’m going to be alone forever.” Sure, most of the time, you say these things because you actually think you’re just poking fun at a situation and trying to make light of it. But in actuality, you are trying to make light of some inner truth that you possess about yourself. And if you have deemed any of these negative beliefs as truth, than of course you’re going to create situations in your life that do make you look old, cause you to overeat, or put up walls that prevent a relationship from forming. Therefore, you must become culpable for what you think, because it does reflect in what you say. Thus if you’re lacking confidence inside, it will show, especially now, in how and what you speak.

change-your-thoughtsThe old story of how you’ve seen yourself doesn’t apply anymore

All this is reflective of the greater personal transformation at hand. As mentioned, Scorpio has been kicking our collective ass when it comes to maturing in some way. And I do believe, at least as I have seen amongst my friends and clients, that we are answering the call. Personally, I have had to re-establish myself in a number of ways, as I have been primarily pushed toward a greater responsibility around my gifts and how I share them with others. So we’ve all been doing the work on a soul level. We’ve been changing jobs, coming to truths in our relationships, facing fears around realizing our dreams, and looking in the mirror with some more clarity. But have we allowed it all to sink in where it truly matters – in our own view of ourselves?

This retrograde time is an opportunity for our mind to catch up. See where you have made strides and acknowledge that the old story of how you’ve seen yourself doesn’t apply anymore. You have grown up. You have become more loving toward yourself. You have given yourself more opportunities to become the person you truly want to be. And if you haven’t, then notice that you have been pulled to these words for a reason and wake up to the fact that you want to make change. So tell yourself you can. And if you have already begun the process, then just make sure that those old words aren’t creeping up anymore. You are not a lost cause. You are not a hot mess. You are the most beautiful you that you can be right now. And there is no better place to be at this time.

“Is Mercury in retrograde or is that the excuse that I’ve always made?” – Katy Perry


6 thoughts on “I’m So Over Mercury Retrograde

  1. I do love reading your blog/newsletter. Thank you. You always hit the nail on the head. Such beautiful writing. So happy for your success. Hope all is well! ; )

    Best Wishes,


    Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care joshrosebrook.com twitter.com/joshrosebrook


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