Your Rebirth is Now


Just see the new you emerging and dive into the wave of it

My plan this morning was to wake up early and channel the Scorpio new moon’s energy to write one of my usual posts on it. However, Uranus, the ruler of surprise, was directly involved in my personal new moon and where it fell in my chart, so it brought on an unexpected turn of events. I awoke to some messages that a relative had gone into the hospital and was not doing very well. After speaking to my parents, it was revealed that he would probably not make it for much longer. Though not incredibly close to him, I knew it was important for me to go and be with my family. Thus my afternoon of writing turned into a day in the hospital, feeling grief and sadness. In a way, it was actually an experience suited to the Scorpio new moon as it was literally about the sign’s greatest marker. Death. But it also allowed me to spend some very intimate time with the people I love most dearly in life, and to see the other important element of Scorpio. Rebirth.

My family and I are not the same people we were a decade or two ago. Once divided by pain, anger, and addiction, we have since transformed into a clan that now puts love first. Sure, we still have some collective healing to do, but we have truly evolved in a remarkably positive way. However, our family’s rebirth hasn’t kept me from still reacting to them from those old feelings of pain or anger. At times, it would be like the twelve year old me was in the room again, feeling all of the same emotions that tore him up inside so many years ago. And then I would be frustrated at myself for still holding onto the past in such an emotional way. It was a vicious cycle.

Today though, I saw that I was able to engage them without feeling any of the old childhood crap at my feet. The young me wasn’t even in the room. Instead, today I was just present as the man I am now. I guess you could say that seeing another man at death’s door will force you into the moment. I have also been experiencing a pretty powerful inner shift leading up to today. The old elements of me that no longer belong have been seriously put on trial as of late. And I think today’s experience helped them to get their final sentencing. I also know I’m not the only one feeling this inner urge to shift and evolve.


There is no more time for outdated ways of being that no longer serve you

This weekend’s Scorpio New Moon, complete with an amplifying solar eclipse that reverberates its effects for months, is an opportunity to truly welcome and own the personal transformation we’ve all been dancing with as of late. So many people I know say how they have been feeling a lot these days. They are exhausted or feeling like their schedules are packed. They are dealing with major emotional changes or coming to terms with addictive behaviors or patterns that need to be eliminated. There are relationship issues to iron out or career questions that need addressing. And there’s large life events occurring: marriages, births, and deaths. Sure, these things occur in life all of the time. But right now, Scorpio’s passionate, probing energy is making them all feel larger. That’s because change is at hand. And with change comes vulnerability. Thus, we are all more open to the meaning behind the events, and we are able to really pause and take note of the deeper truth to what’s happening. And we can also ask the important questions. What do these events mean in regards to the greater story of our lives? How are they a reflection of how we have chosen to live life up until this point? And what do we want the next chapter of our lives to look like and be?

Most importantly, this new moon energy wants you to ask yourself, “What is your old shit and are you ready to let it go?” Are you ready to have the serious kinds of talks with yourself that are necessary to kick the door down to change? Are you capable of shedding habits that are just so 1994? Because now, more than ever, is the time to do so. For one, you have allowed your baggage to weigh you down for long enough. You don’t need it anymore. But mostly, thanks to Scorpio, you have the great opportunity at this time to finally say goodbye to old pains and move forward with ease.


Scorpio wants to help us all transform

Your rebirth is now. There is no more time for outdated ways of being that no longer serve you. I am talking about old feelings you have held onto that have now created less than great circumstances. For instance, I realized over the last few days that I operate from a feeling of being a failure more than I operate from a feeling of being a success. In a way, a mentality like that has subconsciously caused me to cap my success at a certain limit. Because that is all I think I am worth. And that is just some bullshit. Logically, I can look at myself and I can see the multitude of ways that I am a success. Life has offered me great experiences and relationships that prove it. But due to some deeply felt moment of emotional childhood trauma or teenage rejection, I have allowed myself to hold onto that mentality and not truly feel the success. That unnecessary mentality has roamed about my psyche for years, calling me names and making poor decisions when it wants to. But it’s time to kick that mentality to the curb. It’s tired, and I am tired of letting it take the lead.

Scorpio wants to help us all transform. We just need to be willing to acknowledge that it’s time. Sure, this may sound daunting to you, but it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the process of holding onto your past is actually harder than letting it go. Just see the new you emerging and dive into the wave of it. Hell, you may already be in the midst of changing your ways, so then just keep going. Don’t look back. And if you aren’t in the midst of it yet, then don’t be afraid to answer the call.

If you find that your job or relationship or Iphone is giving you trouble right now, know that it’s a reflection of something deeper going on. Just be willing to sit down and ask yourself what it is so you can see what mentality needs to be shed and left behind. That is the gift of this time with Scorpio, to allow that new beginning energy to flourish in our lives. And I believe in us. So I plan on seeing us all together, out of our cocoons, flying high with our gorgeous ass wings glistening in the sun.

We’ll be raising our hands, shining up to the sky
‘Cause we got the fire, fire, fire
And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn


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