You Are Your Greatest Love of All


What does it take to fully learn to love ourselves?

I can’t even imagine how many times my family had to listen to Greatest Love of All blasting from my room during the mid 80’s. It was usually accompanied by my own belted out vocals, though sometimes I would just give it a hearty lip-sync. Either way, it was quite an anthem for the 8 year old chubby, insecure, gay-in-training me. As we all know, Whitney had a way of singing a song as if it were truth in a religious sense. So there was something about her and that song and its slightly confusing but ultimately empowering lyrics that would take me away from my uncertainties and guilty feelings of being too different than everyone else. It would take me away from feeling alone. And as I’ve grown, I have realized that I actually wasn’t alone then. There were others of us out there, in our bedrooms behind closed doors, visioning ourselves onto a stage in front of millions, singing of our decision to never walk in anyone’s shadow. But when the door opened, it was back to hiding the truth and diminishing one’s sense of self-love. So what does it actually take to completely live that way? What does it take to fully learn to love ourselves?

This Valentine’s Day happens to also land on the Full Moon in Leo, which is quite a bang up combo. V Day is obviously all about expressing the love you have for those you care about most in life. However, the Leo Full Moon is actually more connected with loving all the things that are specifically “You” and releasing them onto the world. So yes, today is a time to do for others and show your love. But more importantly, you must use this full moon energy to show yourself the love that you deserve. Especially since we have Mercury in retrograde right now, which is an opportunity for us all to be reconsidering our personal uniqueness. So consider if you have allowed yourself to stifle your distinct truth, whether in your home or job or in your relationships.

Leo Full Moon

You can be you, without fear.

Are you living a life behind closed doors, or more so locked inside of your mind, when you should be on the stage of your life for the world to see? Know that now is an easy time to let the power of others cloud your own needs. So use this time to get clear about what matters most to you and let the important people know exactly who you are, even if it will surprise them. Connect to your most creative self and remember that you are co-authoring this life with the Universe. You can make decisions. You can be you, without fear. You can blast Greatest Love of All at the highest volume and sing with the windows down. If that’s your truth, then you better own it. Or else, you will just end up living some quiet, status quo life. And you wouldn’t be called to read this if that was the kind of life that was meant for you.

So find your strength in love and let’s go.

Here are some more specific ways to address this Leo Full Moon:


You should definitely live out loud this weekend. Wear something that feels a little out of the ordinary and/or that is something that will grab attention. Immerse yourself in a creative environment, whether it’s a painting class or a concert where you can get your freak on. Show yourself some love by allowing others to see just how in love with your crazy, unique self you can be.


You can be a homebody and with this energy, that is a great thing. Home is where the heart is, so find a way to spend some time in yours and show it some major love. Maybe you’ve been meaning to hang some new pictures or to reorganize an area that feels a little cluttered with the past. Get creative and make your space feel new in some way. And if anything, surround yourself with those who allow you to be comfortable just being you.


The best way you can express how you feel to anyone, whether it be to your boo or to yourself, is to write it down. Even if you’ve told yourself, “But I’m not a writer”, well today is the day to prove that theory wrong. Whether it’s a poem, a personal journal entry, a script, or a chapter in a novel, you have some thoughts and feelings to express. And your words can be the gift that lives forever.


This may be the most random prescription, but if anyone should be getting some retail love this weekend, it’s you. Sometimes, the things we own can be a reminder or marker of the love we feel for ourselves. If we treat our car or our clothes and so on with little respect, it truly is a symbol of how we see or feel about ourselves. So even if it’s a small token that doesn’t even cost a dollar, that’s fine. Even when it comes to you, it’s the thought that counts. So just be meaningful and give to yourself.


Now more than ever, you can’t let others dictate your life. You have to be willing to be that lion in the jungle and take the reigns from those who may just be taking you for granted. Especially in your daily routine world, you may be making compromises just because it feels like the easy route. But since when the hell were you not brave enough to take the hard road? With great challenge comes great reward, right?


Don’t forget that one aspect of the Virgo is the healer. I am always trying to remind you of that, but right now it feels greater than ever. Because your life is calling you now to use your unique gifts more and more in your daily life. So place your spiritual self at the forefront and make sure that everything you’re doing is serving that highest self. The more you allow your freak flag to fly in everything you do, the closer you will get to achieving the dreams you desire most inside.


You want everyone to be happy. But I want to make sure that you aren’t doing so these days at a detriment to your own creative, unique self. Perhaps you’re working on a creative project that has a larger group or organization in mind, but you’re giving them what you think they want instead of the out-of-the-box ideas that are bubbling up inside. This could also translate to areas like home or relationships. Be certain that you aren’t withholding your greatness just to make someone else happy.


Your mind may be attached to some home issues right now, as Mercury is retrograding all through there. But this Full Moon wants to ignite your career path up and pull you back into that arena. At home, you are learning to take initiative and assert your own unique brand of authority. So how about trying to translate that take-charge attitude to your work life? It may call for some intense communication, but you have to see yourself as capable or no one else will either.


What are the new things your playing with in your head? Maybe it’s new ideas for hobbies, a career change, or even a move. Now is the time to figure out how to express these new possibilities out into the world. Your life is gearing up for a shift next month, but now is the time to lay that groundwork. So perhaps it’s a class or a small trip to an area that has been calling to you. Infuse your life with this new energy and allow it to inspire you to put the changes you want to make center stage.


Most recently, you have been taking some time to reconsider what you place the most value on and how to honor the changes this reorganization may be pushing you toward. Well, this full moon wants you to bring this personal transformation to the forefront and put your money where your mouth is now. For example, if you’re claiming that spirituality trumps work, then take an extra day off so you can give yourself a meaningful experience. Whatever the case, own who you want to become and don’t shy away from others knowing it.


Happy Birthday! This is your weekend to let others shower you with attention. But be specific about which people you want showering you. If you want to have some certain people’s energy in your life more, then go out of your way to get yourself in a room with him or her. If you set the scene, then you will be able to see how much you’re loved. And sometimes people just need to be shown how much they’re loved to give their own sense of self-love a little (or big) kick in the ass.


This full moon is shining a light on how you spend your days, which right now may be a bit of a cloudy affair. Your creativity is feeling a tad slow, so you’re unable to fully create the world you want to live in, whether it be at work, home, or in your love life. Use this time to get quiet with yourself and connect to the spirit voice that may have answers. And meditation doesn’t have to be all cross-legged on a pillow. Draw. Cook. Sing. You may find that the activity you’re being pulled to is the thing you should be spending more of your days doing, and getting paid for somehow.


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