That Cancer New Moon When Pluto Was All the Rage


The Cancer New Moon lands in the midst of all this Pluto business, asking us to begin again from a place of emotional stability and grounded sense of self

Did we all see that Pluto is back? Yes, after being demoted from planet to “dwarf planet” status, Pluto is in the news again thanks to the astonishing photos that have come back from NASA’s New Horizons probe. It has reinvigorated the discussion amongst astronomers and scientists around Pluto and its planetary classification. For me, Pluto never went away. In fact, as an astrologer, one of the first planetary placements I look at in a chart is Pluto. Pluto offers insight into what one’s greatest soul transformation will entail for this lifetime. That’s some heavy shit. We should all know in what area of our lives we are meant to change in the deepest way. It also gives us a sense of the role change will play for us in general. Are you good or bad at change? Will change affect you most in work, relationships, or home? How we relate to change allows us to see how we relate to the ebb and flow of life.

It’s no surprise to me that Pluto is taking center stage, since astrologically speaking, it is incredibly active right now. Pluto, which is currently transiting Capricorn, is directly opposing Mercury and Mars in Cancer. That means we are trying to take steps to actualize ideas that we’ve had brewing in our heads, but it’s a slower, more emotionally connected process. We aren’t just diving in. And that is partly because Cancer slows us down a bit. It wants us to make sure our heart is in every decision. The other part is that Pluto is challenging us to look at life’s bigger picture. Is everything we’re trying to make happen serving our soul’s purpose or are we just trying to appease some ego bullshit? Uranus is also activated in all of this, urging us to approach everything from our own unique perspective. We can’t just go along with whatever everyone else thinks is best, or even approach things from what has been our typical status quo style. Instead, we must make sure to assert our own soulful leanings in all of our actions and be certain that we are steering our own life’s ship.


Define your personal integrity and make sure that everything you do moving forward supports that definition

The Cancer New Moon lands in the midst of all this Pluto business, asking us to begin again from a place of emotional stability and grounded sense of self. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what really matters to you. Define your personal integrity and make sure that everything you do moving forward supports that definition. How have you been asleep in your life? What areas have you been ignoring because you just don’t want to put in the work to change them? Well, with Pluto here, you either need to use this new moon energy to create new habits and start a new cycle sans whatever you know is supposed to be dumped by the wayside right now, or be forced to make the change later. And the forced way is usually never the fun way. So what do you need to be doing to take better care of yourself, and to be making sure that everything you’re trying to make happen right now truly matters to you?

Let’s take a brief look at each of the signs for greater clarity:


You’ve felt a real urgency to express your truest self as of late, but it has still been a challenge to reconcile merging the you that you’ve been used to with the you that you want to be now. Consider what makes you feel most at home in your skin. Whether it’s working out, being creative, or getting emotionally intimate with a loved one, make more time to engage in these activities. That is the way to get closer to making your soulful self happier. And it may even bleed over into your career life, making for some powerful shifts and realizations in that area.


Don’t fight yourself these days. Your mind is trying to expand and learn some new things about the world you live in and the people you have chosen to love. But, if you allow your Taurean stubbornness to lead, you will miss the emotional, mental, and spiritual development that is trying to occur. So just relax into everything that is coming your way and trust the ideas you have coming to you, especially if they are urging you out of your comfort zone. This is not the time to rest on your laurels. Use this new moon to try a better way of approaching things – from the present moment with no baggage attached.


Would you call yourself “broke”? It’s something we can all relate to, being asked if we want something and responding, “I can’t, I’m broke” without even really considering the question. Well, you may actually be financially broke right now, but I would also ask yourself if you’re feeling broke in other areas of your life. Are you emotionally broke? Spiritually broke? Maybe you’re broke in a few ways. Whatever the case, now is the time to really contemplate this question and work to make some changes there. For instance, if you’re feeling emotionally broke right now, how could you surround yourself with some folks who get your heart pumping?


This is your new moon, but it comes with some challenges. That is because you’re probably feeling the need for a new beginning or fresh start of some kind, which usually happens around this time of year for you. And right now, it’s about taking steps to make changes around yourself and how you relate to the world. It’s time to let go of old ways of being, whether it be poor listening habits, being judgmental, or lacking empathy for those around you. It could also be coming from an outer place, such as the way your hair looks to the shape you’re in. Take real care in trying to manifest some of these changes, because the new you has some exciting things to do that the old just won’t be able to handle.


What role does spirituality play in your life? Usually, when I ask this question, I follow it up with, “Do you meditate?” Well, do you? If not, it’s high time you start. Or at least, you need to figure out your way to cultivate a relationship with the things that go beyond what we can see. Because you are trying to prepare for a new chapter in your life and feel like you’ve made some necessary changes to better your life. But we need to make sure that everything you’re taking on is really in alignment with your truest desires. For reference, get the book “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With The Universe” by Yumi Sakugama. It’s a great beginners tool for the spiritual path, or a solid refresher if you’re someone who’s already on your way.


Pluto wants you to create some things that you can share with the world. Whether you’re creating something artistic or birthing a child, there is a great need for you to unleash something onto this earth that is a reflection of you and your unique expression. That is the way to get closer to your inherent best self right now. The best way to manifest this would be to consider your legacy and what you would want that to be. Are you working toward meeting that goal with what you’re doing in your daily life? If not, then it’s time to make a pact to use your energy toward bringing your most brilliant self to life through some creative work.


It’s time to turn a corner in your career sphere and make some adjustments so you can feel more at home in your work life. Home is the key word here as you’ve made a lot of changes in that area over the last year and a half or so, and it continues to evolve in a way that best reflects your need to express your own brand of uniqueness. Now how can you take that kind of approach to your career life? Consider the changes you have made to your home life. What three words would you use to describe it? Now what can you do in your career life to apply those same three words to that area of your life?


You are almost out of the grips of Saturn, who has been in your corner now for almost two years. That means a lot of growing up in ways you didn’t know you needed to. And it should’ve hopefully left you in a place where you’re feeling like more of an adult and somewhat on top of your shit. If not, you have a little more time. Use this new moon time to think of your life’s greater goals. Where do you want to see yourself in ten years? Are you taking any sort of steps to get there? You should be doing things that push you toward the future you hold in your mind’s eye. So if you’re living abroad, then take a trip. If you’re married with kids but single now, spend time with some married couples. Do things that allow yourself to feel closer to your ideal future to show yourself you care about your dreams.


It’s really time to let go of some old habits and create some ones, particularly in the realm of how you spend your money. Pluto is living in that house of money and worth for you right now, so you must be making sure that you’re not allowing change and growth into those areas of your life. Are you respectful when it comes to how you spend your money? Perhaps you are, but you need to make some shifts in how you’re spending it. Have you been seeing a chiropractor for back issues? Well, how about trying acupuncture instead for a while? Think of areas in your life where your spending habits may be getting stale and consider how you can shift those expenses to something different, but still worthy and gratifying.


You have Pluto continuing to charge through your sign, which is causing major internal shifts. Some of these shifts are disruptions, as they are challenging you to reconsider how you do things. Some are welcome changes, as you knew life was getting stagnant in certain areas. Well, this new moon is igniting your relationship sector, so the question is, “what steps can you take to create greater, more emotionally intimate relationships right now?” Sure, you’re taking steps and being pushed out of your comfort zone in this area already, but now it’s time to take even greater initiative. Be real honest with yourself and those you consider your closet. Tell yourself, honestly, what it is you need and then communicate that.


How seriously are you taking your routine these days? Are you sticking to it or are you just taking it day to day? Normally, an Aquarius thrives on doing things his or her own way, but given the current astrological climate, you all need some help. That can come in the form of a therapist, a trainer, a yoga or hiking buddy, or a writing partner. But you must also be your greatest form of assistance. For instance, are you taking your spiritual practices seriously? If your answer is, “I don’t even know what that means”, then you need to get something going on in that realm. Right now, you mostly need help from your inner wisdom guide. And the only way to do that is to give yourself a regimented practice of silence and asking for answers.


You need a new creative project. It should be something that you can sink your mind, heart, and soul into. And it needs to have your stamp of uniqueness on it. So this probably shouldn’t be something to do with work or even be something that you’re trying to create with others. Instead, this is about your connection to the world at large. What message do you have to deliver right now that can only come from your specific perspective on life? And what is the best way to translate that message to others? Ponder it and then get to work. It will be transformative and could shift you into a much larger life adventure.


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