That Sagittarius Full Moon When Caitlyn Jenner Showed Us the Way


Living is giving the world your most authentic you, all the time, in the moment

As you all know by now, Caitlyn Jenner has been introduced to the world, and she is pretty damn gorgeous. Many are shouting praise for her bravery, while others scoff at her decision. Some may even go so far as to say cruel, nasty things about her and her transition. Yes, I am looking at you, Fox News. However, in the end, none of it really matters to her process. Yes, it’s amazing for her to feel the support. She deserves it. And really, Caitlyn is forging major change in the mainstream world with her courageous and very public transformation. Personally, I’m in awe of her. Yet, what matters most is that she is making time in her precious life to live in the entirety of her truth. Whether she does so in front of billions or was doing so in a small town, it doesn’t fully matter to her life journey. What matters is that she is finally allowing herself to exist in her complete authenticity. And that is what we should all aspire to do.

We all must live in our unique truth. But to do so, we must first explore, then understand, and ultimately accept the nature of our unique truth. Some of us are afraid to probe too deeply. We accept the realities of our lives as they are presented to us and ignore the voices inside, urging us to live differently, more freely. We become afraid of what our families, our friends, our peers, our churches, our businesses will think of us. We cower from the honesty in our hearts to appease the eyes of those around us. But that is not living. Living is giving the world your most authentic you, all the time, in the moment.


The confusions in your life are illusions

The Sagittarius Full Moon wants to inspire you to release your most authentic self onto the world. Now, you may be saying, “I am me. This is it.” But then in another breath, you go on about how you’re confused about your career, or your relationship, or how to best manage your health. And that is because you are fighting a silent war with your truth. The Sagittarius Full Moon wants to remind you that the confusions in your life are illusions. You just need to wave them away with some honest self-reflection. And a good old-fashioned chat with a trusted somebody never hurt either.

So, where are you in the process? Perhaps you need to explore a bit more into what exactly is your authentic truth. Get quiet with yourself. Ask some questions. “Do I love the direction of my life?” Do I love me in all that I do?” Maybe you have explored further and have that deeper knowledge. Now, how do you grow to understand it better so you can put it into action? How do you gain the complete acceptance so that you can just live it openly? Don’t beat yourself up for not having all the answers now. Mercury is in retrograde so now is a good time to keep exploring. But be in the question until you are fully able to live the answer. And, if like Caitlyn, you’re already there, then keep on being the ultimate example. We all need a light to follow.

Let’s look a little more deeply at each sign and how this full moon could affect you:


Don’t let those big dreams that you’ve been contemplating get sabotaged by some fake notion that they’re impossible to attain. You must release the fear that you are not worldly or educated enough to tackle the next big thing that you want to take on. But if you do feel like you need to learn some more before diving into uncharted waters, then now is the time to sign up for that class or seminar. Sit down with someone who has been through the process you aspire to and pick his or her brain. You can succeed. You just can’t do it while spinning inside your head, alone.


Now is a good time to reconnect to your core values and the people who bring out your most vibrant self. That is because you and your life are on the verge of a major transformation, and you need those who know and love you best to act as anchors in your life. Don’t be afraid of the major change that wants to come on. It is in service of your truth. But don’t also get lost in the transition that you forget your truth. That is what those trusted folks of yours are for, so get your love army in place now.


This full moon should have you in full on explorer mode, contemplating what exactly makes you, you. Ponder outdated personality traits that no longer serve you and how to rid them from your life. Let go of negative mental talk that is really just the remnants of some ghost of relationship past. Share a guarded secret you’ve kept inside with someone you love. Mostly, know that you are not your thoughts. They are just recycled words you’re applying to experiences instead of just being present and experiencing the experience. Try that instead.


Is your current routine best serving you on your path to authentic greatness? Maybe you’re a little stuck and living by an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality without realizing that it’s actually broke. Some shifts in your day to day need to occur in order for you to be truly actualizing yourself at your highest potential. First consider how spirituality plays into your life. Do you make time for it on a daily basis? If so, is it time to up the ante? And if you don’t even know what I am talking about, then get a 5-minute a day meditation routine going. Now.


Abundance is all around you. You are especially feeling so in a creatively inspired sense, however you may be feeling held back or somewhat blocked in accomplishing things. What that truly stems from is a slight internal fear that you sharing your most intimate self won’t bring you the rewards you desire. If your creative work has been more in service of what you think the audience wants instead of what you truly have to say, then you need to dig deeper and speak from your truth. Get to work on something that is entirely from the heart, and that scares you to start it.


Home is where the heart has been for you as of late. You are wanting to be your most responsible when it comes to dealing with your family and your environment. Continue on that path as it is helping to unlock some necessary truths for yourself in other areas of your life. You also just need a clearer space to have a clearer mind. So if you have clutter, release it. You only need souvenirs from the most important moments of your life. If you still have things that are tied to times you don’t even remember, then get rid of them and make room for the new.


Please take stock of all your mental ramblings. What are the words you use to speak with yourself? Are they affirming? Are they inspiring? Or do you have a tendency to call yourself names and second-guess everything you do? Whatever the case, be very aware of the fact that these internal mumblings are what color your perception of the world. And they may be holding you from being your ultimate self. So listen to how you mentally handle things and then make the necessary adjustments.


Are you willing to always place the utmost value on what truly matters to you in life, or do you sometimes sideswipe something meaningful for something that may give you a brief sense of control and power? First off, you all like power, so there’s that. But mostly, this is about you making sure that you’re not currently alienating certain areas or people in your life in favor of things you think will offer you something substantial in the future. By now, you know the difference. So just own it and take the steps to make amends and honor that truth.


What is the one thing that no one knows about you, but in your mind, is a huge piece of what has defined you over the years? Does something come to mind? If not, take this time to ponder. In fact, the answer may not live in the forefront of your mind so give yourself the space to excavate it. If you do have something that comes to mind, then take this time to release that emotional relic of your past so that you can move more freely into your future. Literally, tell someone who needs to hear it so you can let it go. It’s not about the other person’s response. It’s about you stepping into the light of your truth.


You’ve been reconsidering what or who is meaningful to your daily life and what or who just doesn’t fit into your life’s time frame anymore. Now it’s time to start releasing what isn’t working. Don’t be afraid of what is on the other side of this purging. Face that unknown and you will quickly find some necessary truths. But start from a place of honesty for yourself. If your values aren’t matching up with the values relating to a relationship or work situation, then is it really what you need right now?


If anyone is good at getting in touch with his or her own brand of uniqueness, it is you, dear Aquarius. But there are still pieces of you that you are learning to get comfortable with sharing. Perhaps there are certain people in your life that you’re still holding back from, or you have trouble expressing your truth in large groups. Well, now would be a good time to consider the most creative way to share some of your authenticity with those you’ve been hiding from. By taking that on, you may just empower yourself to step even further into your truth.


Work should be good right now, but is it really what you want to be doing. If so, then you’re on the path. It’s just about making sure you’re not holding back in your job. Are you sharing all of your wacky, out there ideas or keeping them in because it just doesn’t feel worth it? That might just be your apathy talking. You need to be a bigger presence there. They need you. Now, if you aren’t doing what you want to be doing, then you too are on the path, but it’s a rocky one. So start to conspire with the Universe as to how you can align your work with your truest goals. Start by just being up front about what you want and make yourself accountable for that goal.


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