Change or Get Off The Cross


When you make that intense promise to live greater, your life steps up to meet you

In my last post about the full moon, I wrote that the planets were “moving in ways to make challenging angles to each other. Some are getting along. Some are pushing each other. For us, that means we are being pushed and prodded toward our higher calling.” That’s right, my loves. At this time, we are being strongly urged to grow toward our greater self. And that full moon eclipse was the gateway to it. I mean, did you notice how everyone seemed to be talking about it, even if not in an astrological or spiritual way? They were posting about it on Facebook or taking pictures for their Instagram feed. And it makes sense, because it looked really cool. But also, that full “blood” moon was a massive moment for us all on a deeper level. So subconsciously, we all felt a gravitational pull to her. The full moon eclipse was an opening, leading us down the passageway toward our life’s next great chapter. So now how do we fully step into it?

Recently, I attended this ridiculously amazing restorative yoga class. I’ve been before and it’s always a brilliant experience, but this time it really took me on a deep, meditative journey. Its culmination was a visualization exercise that pushed us to connect with each of the four elements. All the students were asked to picture ourselves as each element in whatever way came to us. At first, I was a huge tranquil sea. Then, I became a cozy fire pit on a cool summer night. I was then the scent of jasmine and lavender coasting on the roof of a spring breeze. And finally I morphed into the dirt that lay at the feet of a family of giant redwoods. I essentially became the earth, in all of its varied, elemental glory. This exercise was so soothing and left me feeling incredibly balanced. For I realized that if I was all four of these elements, I was also the space in the center of them. And it is only from that center space where any of us has the ability to tap into all of the elements of oneself in a clear, balanced way.


The time for change is now

Between now and the end of April, four of the major planets are creating an elemental cross in the sky, and we are all finding ourselves in the midst of trying to balance between them. In astrology, it’s referred to as a Grand Cross, though some astrologers are punctuating it with feelings of Armageddon or Y2K. Now don’t get me wrong, it is intense. I mean, aren’t you feeling pretty damn intense these days? But you shouldn’t approach this time with fear. Rather, you should engage it with a sense of openness and a curiosity for how to become a better you. We all just need to learn how to still ourselves so that we can attain the lessons being presented to us. The time for change is now.

So what planets are at play here and how does it really affect you?


Own up to that bullshit you’ve told yourself for too long is the truth and scream,“No more!”

Well first there is Uranus, the planet of inspiration and authenticity. It is in Aries and stands directly across from Mars, the planet that rules action and motivation. However, Mars is in retrograde and in Libra, which means he is slower and not as powerful as he likes to be. So with these two currently opposing each other, there is a nudge for all of us to slow down some. There is a reason things aren’t happening as quickly as we want them to. It’s because we need to make sure that everything we are trying to do is coming from an authentic place within ourselves. For instance, perhaps that work thing (promotion, project, etc.) just isn’t moving forward. Well, are you approaching it from a truly authentic place or are you really just trying to impress your peers or boss? Maybe it’s time to make sure you haven’t ended up in a job that you chose without really having a passion for it. Or this could pertain to a relationship, for that matter. Hell, you could feel that it pertains to your entire life right now. Well this is that time to get completely honest with yourself. When it comes to looking at your life dead in the face, take no prisoners. The time for change is now.

The additional piece of this cross involves two other planets, one of which is Pluto. Pluto is the planet that rules our deepest soul transformations. It wants us to turn off the mind and the ego and get in touch with our true purpose in life. And it’s in Capricorn, which is concerned with the bigger picture. But not just the big picture of our lives. We are talking about the big picture for our souls, people. We are talking about what you were brought into this lifetime to learn, to teach, to activate, and to manifest. Now is the time to be more in touch with that than ever. And it may not look like what you thought. Or it may be bigger than you ever dreamed it could be. You just need to be open to the personal evolution that your life is showing you must be made. It’s about letting go of habits or ways of being that no longer serve you. It’s about moving on from relationships or committing to them in ways you didn’t realize you hadn’t yet. It’s about opening your heart up so big that you’re afraid all of the love won’t fit inside. Because when you make that intense promise to live greater, your life steps up to meet you. And that’s where Jupiter comes in.

Jupiter is the planet that rules abundance and personal growth. Wherever he is in your chart, he graces you with a stronger sense of ease. So Jupiter’s connection to Pluto means that if you don’t fight the change that is trying to take place, you will be rewarded with an enlightened realization about your greater purpose. But again, we aren’t just talking about changing your hairstyle. This is change at the deepest level. This is the time when you own up to that bullshit you’ve told yourself for too long is the truth and scream, “No more!” This is that turning point. The time for change is now.


Take the challenge to be a more authentic you

Find it in yourself to let go of the baggage. Let go of the old so that the new can be born. Let go of beating yourself up of for making the wrong decisions and start to make some that feel more like the right ones. The Universe has been nudging you along toward a graceful metamorphosis, conspiring to make those secret wishes of your heart a reality. So get still with your life and listen for the steps you must take to make it so. Because you do have the opportunity, right now, to make your greater, more honest life, so. You just have to stop trying so hard to force things into existence so you can get present with the actual existence you have created for yourself. It is only from there that you can truly see the changes you must make.

We each must allow our great personal power to emerge so that it illuminates out, activating all four points of our own great Grand Cross. And as I’ve said, that comes with facing the facts of your current life. Yes, it’s a challenge. There may be tears. There may be some relapses. But all of that’s okay. Just remember through it all that with great challenge can also come great reward. So take the challenge to be a more authentic you. Take the challenge to make healthy choices for your body, your heart, your bank account, and your soul. Steer your ship toward the shore of a happier, more centered existence for yourself. You can be the one who succeeds at becoming a luminous butterfly. It doesn’t always have to be someone else who gets what they wanted. You are alive right now, and that is all you need to start the process of earning those wings and flying into your greatness. For as you know, the time for change is now.


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