Finding Balance Under a Full Blood Moon


This Libra Full Moon is the doorway to a potentially new version of our lives

For me, the last couple of months have felt a bit all over the place. I have been trying my best to focus and feel accomplished, but there has just been so much to do that it has been hard to give attention to everything I want to do. I’m sure you can totally relate. There’s business work. There’s creative work. There’s spiritual work. There’s relationship time. There’s friendship time. There’s family time. There’s dog time. Not to mention that there’s always the all-important me time that needs to get in. There are bills to pay, dishes to do, posts to write, clients to read, stories to listen to, and there’s fitness to work on too. I can’t forget the necessary trips I’ve had to take, the Instagram pictures I’ve needed to upload, and the concerts I’ve put my dancing shoes on to attend. I’m reeeeeeeal busy. But aren’t we all these days?

With so many of the areas in our lives vying for attention, it can be truly hard to feel balanced within. We can feel stretched and pulled into different directions. And for the most part, we focus on the things we aren’t able to get to. So we end up beating ourselves up for the things we didn’t check off the list rather than celebrating all of the things we did. And that propels us into this panicked state, where we get to sleep pondering all the things we have to do tomorrow, only to hit the ground running the next day in some zombie-like state. Then we go into each day like a chicken with its head cut off, just trying to get things done, just trying to get ahead, without really taking the time to get present. Perhaps it’s because if we allowed ourselves to get present, we would have to get very real with ourselves about the state of our lives.

When we’re pushing and running and trying and doing, we aren’t really just being. And if we aren’t giving ourselves the time to just be, then we’re really just creating an unbalanced life. We must allow ourselves the chance to release the urgency we place on “getting it all done”, or else we aren’t actually receiving the gifts that life wants to offer us. How can we if we’re too busy rushing by them?


If we can slow down, we will see the bullshit for what it is

Mark Nepo wrote, “When feeling urgent,you must slow down.” He continued with “The doorway to our next step of growth is always behind the urgency of now. Now more than ever, when all feels urgent, you must cut the strings to all events.” I think what Mr. Nepo was saying is that we have to slow down enough to see beneath the busyness of our lives. And that all the places we think we need to be are never really urgent when it comes to the greater purpose of our lives. In fact, if we can slow down, we will see the bullshit for what it is. We will see that the busy work we think we need to do is just busy work keeping us from the truer things we want to accomplish with our lives. And we will see that in a great pause, a mirror appears, allowing you to see the more authentic you that is urging to break free. These are the important messages for this current Libra Full Moon moment.

Astrologically, things are just as busy. There are planets moving in ways to make challenging angles to each other. Some are getting along. Some are pushing each other. For us, that means we are being pushed and prodded toward our higher calling – more to come on all that in a future post. But this Libra Full Moon (also called the Blood Moon due to its lunar eclipse) is the doorway to a potentially new version of our lives. Perhaps you have been saying you want to make some changes in your life. Well, now is the time to make them. Or life may just find a way to make them for you. But in order to best see how to make the proper changes, you must not push back. You must stand still, strong like a tree. You must survey your life as if from a mountaintop on a clear day, with great perspective and clarity.


There is no more waiting

You must become comfortable with the present moment in your life. Whether it’s a job you hate, a man you no longer love, or a body you can no longer destroy, you have to pause and look in that mirror to say, “Okay. I see you.” Otherwise you may just set yourself up for a greater challenge to come. You may be forced to deal with things when now you have the power to take them on. There is no more waiting. There is only the opportunity to restore balance to your life in a healthy way, by taking control and having the responsibility to do so. You know where things are off so take the steps toward bringing yourself back into alignment. You deserve a life that feels your own.

Let’s take a closer look at the signs for more clarity:


You’re feeling a greater sense of personal power these days. You can chalk it up to the birthday, but it really has to do with the freedom-seeking planet Uranus, which is flexing its muscle in your sign. And it has got you feeling a little restless with whatever usual routine you’ve been living for the last few, er, years! Now you’re a creative, spontaneous fool at heart, so how have you fallen into a rut with any aspect of your life? Well, some serious changes are boiling for you as you’re entering a new phase where you feel ready to be a new, different person that you’ve been. But for now, let your freak flag fly. To help, try to spend some of this full moon time with people who inspire you to be your most authentic self.


Lately, your daily routine may feel as if it has been a little out of your control. You’ve been dealing with new aspects to it that you’ve never had to face before. It’s just not as regimented as it used to be, so you have to be more in charge of yourself. Also, you’re busy enough that you don’t have time to entertain that lovely lazy streak of yours as much. Well you certainly know how to handle hard work – I am sure you already have been. But how do you make sure that all of the other areas of your life get their fair share? How do you schedule time for everything that needs to be attended to in your life? Work is important, but so are your health, your lovers, and your spirituality, etc. Let’s try a pie chart exercise. Cut a piece for each area of your life and assign them all a percentage based on the time you give to them. Then you’ll see what areas need trimming and what areas need some fattening up.


All work and no play can be a total drag. And play without fun can be even worse. Something tells me that you have had trouble allowing yourself to have fun, even when in the most fun of environments or situations. And that’s okay. You’re feeling like you want to see some changes happen in your life but they are slow moving right now. And you have to get very serious with yourself and admit to the things you can actually change without needing someone else to come along and do it for you. I get it. This is all some heavy shit. But at the end of the day, you can’t spend your days focusing on the hardships or else that’s all life becomes. You think the caterpillar is in that cocoon thinking about all the leaves it didn’t get to chew on before it got pulled into this silky business? No, it’s longing for the days when it gets to see the light hit the wings that are forming behind it. So shift your focus and see the light hitting your wings, even if for just one night. This will help you as you further plunge into the depths of your current metamorphosis.


Personally, you are expanding in ways that may feel foreign but exciting for you. Certain life shifts are pushing you to meet new parts of yourself or access pieces of you that have possibly been dormant for a while. And it’s exciting you for the future. You’re learning that changes and uncertainty can be rewarding if you look at them with the right perspective. But all of this movement does have you craving some of that genuine home time you so lovingly adore. Your home defines you. And if it feels a tad unbalanced, then you can’t feel entirely at home in your skin. So use this full moon energy to find ways to bring some balance back into your home life. Even if it’s just cooking a large meal, clearing out some cobwebs and taking on some light spring cleaning, or burning some sage to cleanse and purify, you will feel a greater connection to the core of who you are, which is something you crave right now.


You’ve been feeling a shift in personal consciousness going on. Whether you’re just thinking about yourself a little bit differently or you’re having larger thoughts about the Universe and your place in it, there has been some serious thought going on up in here. Well this full moon wants you to figure out how to communicate it in some way. Whether you’re sitting with a good friend and talking out some of the ideas about your life that have been coming up, or if you’re sitting with some paper or a laptop and putting thoughts onto page or screen, you must express what you think about who you are at this time. Come to terms with the reality of the person you have created in this life. What do you like? What don’t you like? And how to reconcile it all? Now is the time to get some answers and make a plan.


You have been taking steps to show yourself where in your life you truly place value. Perhaps you are no longer governed by things you once thought were important, i.e. status or money or someone else’s approval. Or perhaps it’s vice versa and you never cared about money or what people thought and now you’re seeing that these things do bear weight on the life you want to live. Neither is right. What matters is what is right for you. This full moon is prime time for you to come clear about what things are at the top of your values list and how they can help you to live a better, more balanced life. Then make sure to spend this full moon time by demonstrating those things to yourself and others. It will help you generate the energy to keep this new life mantra going for some time.


This is your full moon. It’s all about your sign, and your sign is all about balance, so then this full moon is all about bringing balance back to you. You can see your life right now as a big wheel where you’re standing dead center. If there are ten spokes on the wheel, then what ten things do they represent in your life? Perhaps one spoke is a specific person, or one can be as general as your spiritual connection. But you only have ten to designate. Take some time to think on what you would define as the ten spokes supporting your life. Maybe one of them is something you don’t get much time to do, or one is a person you rarely get to see but he or she is important to the person you want to be. After designating, your task is to figure out how to better arrange your life so that each of these spokes is being attended to. It will take some reconfiguring, but if you want to move cleanly into the next phase of your being, you’re gonna need the proper reinforcement.


Are you feeling a little crazy these days? Or perhaps you’re just finding ways to medicate yourself so you don’t have to face the crazy that’s brewing inside. Either way, you are a little crazy these days. Your inner self is percolating as you’re dealing with deep emotions and thoughts that you may not be fully equipped or wanting to handle at this time. So sure, you can numb yourself but that won’t really allow you to make any forward movement on the life you want to be living. In fact, you sort of have to be willing to hit it stone sober so you can reap the true benefits of this full moon moment. In fact, you should take that so literally and take some time to do some meditation over the next few days. Whether you already have a daily practice or you’ve never tried it in your life, now is the time to commit to some inner quiet time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea, let Oprah help you.


This full moon time isn’t the time to sit at home and quietly contemplate your life. In fact, you need to be taking on the opposite right now. The best way to access this intense and powerful energy is to gather with a good friend or two and bask in the moonlight together. Whether you’re actually doing so with a glass of wine, going out for a fun evening, spending a day shopping or at the movies, surround yourself with people who just get you. Your key to balance right now is by not trying to go any of it alone. If you’re considering a new career venture, then it may need to be a team effort. If there is a relationship on the horizon, then it may be time to just go for it. Anything that is going to get you with people and out in the world more is a necessity for you at this time. The days of going it alone are over.


The soul transformation you are currently inside of is in total full swing mode. You are definitely not feeling like the same person you were three or four years ago. There is an intensity to you but it’s not as connected to the physical world as it was before. Now you are more geared toward intensely making yourself a better person. You are always about the long-term goal, but now you’re just more concerned with the person you want to be when you get there. The great thing is that the right people are also showing up in your life, and the wrong ones are starting to dwindle away. The most important place to notice this is in your career world. If you’re going to make becoming the person you want to be such an important part of your journey right now, then you must make sure that your career falls into that. If it doesn’t, then what steps are you taking to alter that? Have you thought about it that deeply? And if you are pursuing the thing you love, are you doing it with the right people and in a way that makes you feel good about yourself? If not, then you may have to get real with yourself about the changes that need to be made in order to fully succeed.


This full moon wants you to pause and take stock of all that you have learned about yourself in the last five to six months. You have had to change your mind about a lot of things you thought you knew for sure, and you have felt a bit of a standstill when it comes to manifesting the life purpose you have in mind for yourself. But you need to continue staying open to all possibilities and allow yourself to be okay knowing that maybe you haven’t figured it all out just yet. And that’s okay. So celebrate just how far you’ve come. Recognize all of the outdated aspects of yourself you’ve outgrown and discarded. Feel triumph over the relationships you’ve forged and successfully connected to. Have a toast to all the gifts the Universe has brought forth to you that you’ve had the good sense to accept. Use this full moon to learn that with challenge and the act of seeking also comes reward and the art of finding. And those things should be applauded.


First off, I hope you’ve been enjoying the kiss of dreamy Neptune and loving Venus in your sign. This merging has offered you a nice reprieve from some of the stress and drama you may have been feeling for the last few months. And hopefully it’s helping to replenish your emotional coffers so you feel rejuvenated to manifest what’s next to come in your life. For you are in the midst of a great metamorphosis in your life. You are feeling the urge to transform areas of your life in a big way. It’s just not happening that quickly, and that’s actually for the better. You need to take your time so you can truly see what the right path is for you to take. What you thought you should be doing next and what you actually end up doing will most likely be two different things. So use this full moon time to stand still in be okay in the midst of change. Find power in saying, “I don’t know what’s next.” If you can own that feeling, you will be empowered to seek more in a greater, more creative way.


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