That Taurus New Moon When You Measure What You’re Worth


Define your worth by the love you feel for yourself and for others

What are you worth, and how do you judge it? Do you judge by how much money you make? Is it by how busy you are each week? And don’t get all high and mighty on me and be like, “Oh I love myself. I am priceless, honey!” Not if you allow someone to make a critical comment about your work or your hair or your mode of transportation and then feel some sort of way about it for hours or days or weeks to come. If that is the case, then you may be valuing yourself based on some other person’s perception of you, which means you’ve placed your sense of worth outside of yourself. Now, if you never do that and you’re still feeling priceless, then get it girl! But, if you’re like me, you may still allow any sort of rejection to ding your human heart. And let’s be real, it can ding your fragile ego too. Well please know that it’s okay, because we have to be willing to feel what we need to feel. And, as we feel it, we work through it, which allows ourselves to get closer to a place where our worth solely stems from within. That is the promised land.

This Taurus New Moon wants you to establish a new, greater sense of self worth, which will allow you to be fully responsible for the actions you take. This means it is time to love yourself and all that you are in a bigger way so that you feel confident enough to seize everything you want in life. If your worth is found outside you in any way, then you will easily stand by, waiting for someone to do something or say something that will validate your existence. And then you may not take action toward manifesting your goals, because you don’t feel you’ve been given the go-ahead to do so. But the only go-ahead you need is the one given to you by your purest intuitive sense. And if you make something or do something and others don’t respond, well let them and keep on keeping on. Sure, there may be some valid criticism there but take it and move on without letting it define YOU.


You are magic with a unique message to offer

Define your worth by the love you feel for yourself and for others. You are not your critic’s words. You are not the shade thrown at you. You are a brilliant, creative light on this spinning rock we call Earth. You are magic with a unique message to offer. And you are responsible for your happiness and successes. Yes, that means you are responsible for your failures too, but you are also none of these things. You are a beautiful human experiencing these things. And you observe them. You learn from them. But you don’t define yourself by them. Again, you define yourself by the love you feel for yourself and for others. That is your truth so let that truth radiate bright into the eyes of your life, and all that other bullshit will just be blinded by its glow.

Now let’s take a look at a few more words for each sign. How can you measure your worth?


You can measure your worth literally by how much you spend on yourself? Maybe you spend on yourself all the time, but is it on things that benefit what truly matters to you, or it just to impress? If it’s the latter, then quit it. And if you don’t know how to gift yourself something, well take this new moon moment to get your wallet out and spend on something that is going to make a soul feel good.


You can measure your worth by how you look at yourself in the mirror. Now beware, if that critical mouth shows up, is it really your own or one constructed from what you think others are saying or thinking about you. Or perhaps is it just some voice built from the words of your past? It’s time you look in that mirror and only see your beauty. Start with the eyes – that’s where your purest you lives.


You can measure your worth by how connected you are to your inner self. If you’re only looking outward to gain confidence about your work, your looks, or your lovability, then you’re in the wrong place. Look within and beyond that. Know that you’re always taken care of, even in the most challenging times. You’re always beautiful, even in your sleep. And you’re always being loved, even when you’re physically alone. You deserve to know these things, right?


You can measure your worth by how connected you are to the world. If you’re hiding out in your home these days, it may because you don’t feel worthy of the world’s attention. “No one wants to see this mess.” But that’s all your own self-created perception. People want to see you and love on you. And if you can let others around you more, you will actually make some truly transformative connections right now.


You can measure your worth by how on your path you feel right now. If you’re feeling on point with your life’s direction right now, then continue forth, my love. You have abundance ahead. But if you’re feeling off the mark right now with career or some other important element that feels at the forefront of what you want to accomplish in your life, then you’re letting fear be your flashlight. Instead, let your freaky uniqueness be your guide, and express all of you in ways that may even scare you some, in a good way.


You can measure your worth by how willing you are to continue learning about yourself. Know that life is a school, and you are always learning. So if there is somewhere in your life you’re being stubborn, thinking, “I don’t need to grow anymore in this. I got this covered.” Well then that is just some Virgo control, keeping you still. Let your self-judgment go and get thee back to life class.


You can measure your worth by how flexible you are with change. If you’re holding on to something you kinda know is dead, be it a relationship, a job, or a dress, then you’re possibly more afraid of what others will think of you without it then you are of not having it. Transformation is beautiful. You don’t see the butterfly carrying its cocoon around like a handbag, do you? So why should you? Fly.


You can measure your worth by how well you love those you call your closest. When was the last time you called your mom and told her much you love her? What about your husband, wife, or partner? Have you treated him or her to a special day completely devoted to their loves and needs? Rupaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Well, it’s also true that if you can’t tell another how much you love them, then you also can’t look yourself in the mirror and wholly say, “I love you.”


You can measure you worth by how you treat yourself each day. Are you giving yourself everything you need in your daily routine to be your healthiest and happiest? Or are you skipping meals and barely squeezing in time to breathe? Also, it’s good to be strict with yourself so that you keep to your plans, but not in a way where you beat yourself up.


You can measure your worth by how well you play. Yes, work is key, but you Cap’s can be all work and no play. So if you’re allowing yourself to laugh and dance and pull the car over to take that picture you feel inspired to take, then keep at it. Don’t get off balance but, hello, have you met you. You never will allow that to happen. Now if you’re not feeling playful these days, well then put the phone down and do something ridiculous that will make you giggle now, and later when you’re hopefully doing it again.


You can measure your worth by the love you have for your home and your family. These things are the foundation of your life. Your family is that group who provides you comfort in your most trying times. And your home is where you spring into your day from and retreat to for solace. So how well do you take care of these people and your environment? It’s a marker for what is going on within.


You can measure your worth by the words you think and speak. It goes without saying that if you’re constantly calling yourself stupid or “a loser”, then we know where the rest of this is going. And if you’re solely talking about what’s wrong with your life or making jokes about it, then you have some trouble being kind to yourself and taking yourself seriously. Well you and I both know that just won’t work if you want to achieve your best with this life, right?


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