That Full Moon When You Dared to be Different

Embrace your uniqueness to a point that you feel uncomfortable

I was very excited and overwhelmed when I found out that we are having two Aquarius full moons this year.  It’s not usual to have two full moons in the same sign in one year.  But occasionally, the world turns in a way that allows us to catch one at the very beginning and one at the very ending of a sign.  Being that I have a number of Aquarius’s in my life, including my mother and the man who I share my life with, I am pretty familiar with their energy.  It’s quirky, out-of-the-box, inventive, and a bit unpredictable.  In total, this can all translate to being rather exciting or extremely tiring.  Thus, the next month or so will be a bit of both.  I know, we’re all pretty exhausted from Mercury’s little stint in retrograde.  However, this will be a good kind of exhaustion.  It’s the kind of exhaustion that will stem from personal productivity toward an important goal rather than just sheer mental worry and confusion, which is something I’m sure all of us could use a break from right now.  Especially when that worry is built from trying to please everyone around us.

It’s interesting how much stock we all can put into how others perceive us.  We will all make important decisions for our lives based off of what we think other people will think of our choices.  Now that is some tiring shit.  I mean you’re already worrying about what you want.  Then, add the concern of what you think other people will think about what you want, and you’re totally wiped out from the stress of worrying about you and everyone else.  Well, Aquarius doesn’t have time for worry.  It wants you to embrace your uniqueness to a point that you feel uncomfortable.  That way, the thought of how others perceive you will vanish from the equation.  Aquarius simply thrives on being completely different from everyone else.  So with these two full moons, the rest of this summer is all about the need to own that special something we each possess inside.

Give over to the wave of your own crazy sexy coolness

You have to be okay with showing people who you really are.  Some may be shocked by how verbally passionate you seem to suddenly be about an issue or project.  Or they may wonder why you’re now deciding to go back to school or take up a seemingly odd hobby.  But the great thing is that you have no reason to care about what they think.  You are the only one on the path of your internal compass.  You are the only one who has to stand accountable to yourself at the end of the day.  And you are the only one who is in charge of your personal happiness.  So stand in your power and give over to the wave of your own crazy sexy coolness.  If you can, it will wash away the bullshit layer you have allowed others to place on your mind, your heart, and your life.  And from there, you can start the process of coming clean.

So know that this is a two-parter.  Again, we have another Aquarius full moon next month, so you have a lot to release around one aspect of yourself.  So start gently and prepare to get real.  Let’s take a closer look at how all this could work for you:


As of today, the sun is shining brightly onto your creativity.  I am sure you have had some sort of personal project boiling on the back burner for some time, and you have just been waiting for the right moment to bring it forth and give it all of your love.  Well, not only is it time to be working on it in a major way, but you must begin formulating your plan for how to unleash it onto the world.  Allowing one’s self and work to be placed under a spotlight can be incredibly challenging for anyone, even a confident, headstrong Aries.  Yet, you have absolutely no time for questioning your moves these days.  So stay up late at night to do the work so you can then go out during the day and talk it up to everyone you meet.  In fact, go out of your way to reach out to friends you haven’t seen in a while to give them a heads up of what you’re up to.  You need to put yourself out there in the world, but make sure you’re also doing the work to back it up.  All talk is a lame way to be.


If I were to ask you what your life’s purpose is, would you know?  I have a feeling that, to some capacity, you are currently working on something that is very much in alignment with what you feel is your ultimate contribution to the world.  However, sometimes when we get so embroiled in our passion for something, we can become stubborn in our approach to it.  Or I should say, dear Taurus, you get stubborn in your approach.  Know that there is great energy around the project or task at hand, and you have the foundation for success.  You may just have to open your doors of perception up some to gain a greater perspective on it.  Use those around you and get some input or ideas on how to smooth out the tasks at hand.  Ultimately, it will be your unique voice that shines through, but you will be better off for having integrated some other enlightened opinions that you trust.


I hope that you’re feeling a boost of self-confidence these days, because you should trust that many are starting to take what you have to offer more seriously.  The only way you wouldn’t recognize it is if you’re actually not taking what you have to offer more seriously.  If that’s the case, then this is an old tune you must stop whistling.  Whether you are giving yourself credit or not, you are starting to come into your own a bit more than in recent years.  Sure, your day-to-day work life is challenging but hopefully you’re gaining some clarity there.  And rest in knowing that you are not in a permanent situation.  Something about it will change in the next year, and the closer you are to seeing yourself as a person who is worthy of manifesting your dreams, the closer you will be to moving toward something that makes you happier.  Start by taking a day off for yourself – not because you’re sick – just because you deserve a free day to be yourself whenever you want it.


Right now, everything you do has a tinge of luck to it.  Even if the car is breaking down or you’re cashing in that unemployment, please know that there is a silver lining to it all.  Abundance is aplenty.  The only thing that could potentially hold you back from recognizing it will be your own fear of what it could bring.  Yes, Cancers can be great with change.  At times, they welcome it.  You are ruled by the Moon, which governs change in the tides and the soil.  But that’s external.  You also have that protective shell and can easily hide within yourself.  And that does no one any good.  So take a deep look at yourself and see how you could be hiding aspects of yourself.  Is there a deeper part of you that is usually only reserved for the closest of loved ones?  It may be time to integrate more of your persona into the person you give to everyone in your life.


This is the beginning of your month.  You should feel the light of your personality really starting to emerge, which means more parties and less alone time.  Sure, there is always work to be done but you want to get out and have a little fun too.  And you should.  Now there may be some insecurity around your home life or concerning your family, but don’t sweat it.  You are smart and confident so you will find a way to deal with it.  Now is the time to connect up with those who you consider to be your closest and unleash a little joy.  You’re craving inspiration, and the best way to attain that right now is through the people in your life.  Now that means you will also have to take a closer look at those you give most of your time to.  Are they providing you that room to shine and be you?  If not, then you may need to put them to the side for now and partner up with those who are able to make you smile and laugh the most.


You are so full of dreams right now.  These are the dreams you have for your future and how you can make your mark on this world.  You are keeping pretty busy too and seem to be trying hard to keep that usually erratic mind in check.  But now you need to find a way to combine all of these things so that they’re working together.  How are your busy but more mindful days building or simply complimenting the dreams you have for yourself?  Can you make sure that your daily activities are driving you closer to your dreams instead of creating a chasm between you and them?  Sure, we all need a physical workout.  But are you doing something for your body that is pushing you to a greater goal or is it simply just maintenance so your pants will continue to barely fit every day?  It’s time to release any pieces of your routine that could be keeping you stale, as they are also keeping your dreams at bay.


Right now, you feel most at home when you’re at work, because your work now has a greater emotional component to it.  You love being able to help people and get them closer to loving some aspects of themselves or their lives more.  It’s fun for you.  But I also want to make sure that you’re allowing some fun into your life that doesn’t involve work in any way.  How often do you give yourself a free day to do absolutely nothing work related?  You know, just a “let your hair down” kind of day where you pamper yourself and play?  Take a cue from your childhood.  What did you just love to do that would make a full day just feel like an hour?  Schedule something for yourself soon that will allow you to get back in touch with that youthful verve.  It will recuperate and rejuvenate you in a way you may not have expected that you needed.


You are being pushed to be such a grown-up these days.  Even if you’re already technically an adult, you are being made to deal with aspects of life that just force you to feel more mature than everyone around you.  And now that Saturn is moving direct again in your sign, you’re starting to feel movement in your life that could feel overwhelming.  Well, know that these are all lessons and the planets sort of have you in Life School right now.  But luck is on your side if you keep your mind open and choose to look at everything as a learning experience.  That way, even if you make a decision and it turns out to be a wrong one, you can see that you had to make one or else you wouldn’t learn a damn thing.  No one ever progressed by standing still.  So how to stay sane and composed during it all?  Make sure you have a proper nest that you can retreat to so you can get away from all the forceful impressions of others.  You need space for clarity.  So if that means spending a little more time alone in your home, so be it.  It will only help you to be stronger when you do have to be out and about being that decisive adult for others.


There is so much you want to change about your life right now.  You may be mostly focused on your home, your place of employment, or your relationship.  Hell, you may be thinking about changing all of those things and your waist size to boot.  But you have to be verbalizing the changes you want to make or they will just stay in your mind where they will stay to wither and die.  See, you actually have the ability to make some changes at this time.  You just have to communicate and be really honest with yourself.  If you want to shift a relationship, you have to speak to the other person about it, not your friend.  If you don’t like how you’re being treated at work or believe you deserve more there, then make sure you’re telling all of the right people.  If you’re already doing this, then you’re ahead of the game and should see reward soon.  If not, then you have no one to blame for a stagnant life but yourself.


The great thing is that the people who love you truly love you.  They want to be around you, and you’re feeling a sense of family in a way that feels soothing and helpful.  Or you’re craving that familial sense in your life but don’t see it.  Well, if the latter is the case, then it’s time to stop hiding yourself and just come out and tell people you need them.  No one is going to judge.  You just have to choose that people matter to you.  And that isn’t always the easiest for a Capricorn to do.  You want to keep that tough demeanor while protecting that sensitive interior.  But being protective doesn’t always allow for the deepest of connection.  So even those of you who feel like you have solid relationships in your life that you feel really great about may need to take a second look.  You may just be gravitating toward the easy, comfortable relationships to avoid growing too intimate with someone new.  Lose the touch exterior long enough to find out.


The rest of this summer is going to be an exciting but potentially rough growth experience for you.  You see, this first full moon in your sign is asking you to identify some aspect of yourself that you may need to let go of right now.  Have you grown too complacent in a certain way of life that allows you to just get by?  Is there a habit that is defining you rather than soothing you?  You may be feeling the shackles of routine around your ankles, and an Aquarius hates nothing more than routine.  Now is a good time to shake up your day-to-day and welcome some new elements into it.  This shift will help you to recognize the aspects of you that are outdated and need a shake up.  If you can get real honest with yourself and also eliminate the old, unnecessary mental habits you have created within, then you’ll really see yourself move toward a new daily way of living.  It will be one that supports your greater dreams, and it will assist you in seeing that the all of the negativity you see in your world is really a construct of some old thinking habits.


I want you to take this full moon and use it as opportunity to get in touch with your personal spirit guides.  Figure out your power animal and call it into your dreams for guidance.  Ask your guardian angel to come forward and have a serious conversation over dinner with him or her about the state of your life.  Sit outside under the full moon and pray to the ancient gods for an answer to your greatest question.  Right now, you need to release a soulful wish out into the Universe for what you want to see manifesting in your life.  Whether it’s a new car, a new job, or simply a new outlook on life, you won’t find the path to it through any usual means.  Well that is, unless your usual means are prayer, journal work, and dream analysis.  Because that is the space you need to be in right now.  Thankfully, it’s one you can be comfortable in.  So give over to your spiritual self and go in deep to retrieve the answers.


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