This New Moon Is So All About You

If you don’t feel worthy of applause, then you ultimately keep it from your life

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of doing an afternoon of readings for a lovely group of people.  One of them was a double Leo, which means there was a strong need for recognition and approval within her.  Of course, there was also a ton of creativity present, but the fact that she hadn’t gotten enough of it out into the world meant that her soul was starving for its time in the spotlight.  All Leo’s need it.  To some, that drive to be front and center can seem too self-serving.  But for Leo, that’s just part of the astrological DNA.  So unless one’s being an asshole about it, there’s no reason to shy away from that desire for attention.  I stressed to her that there was nothing wrong about wanting to be recognized for her gifts and talents.  In fact, for her, it was a must.  The only reason she wasn’t allowing it was because of some subconscious notion that it was wrong to desire a spotlight.  And that’s all wed to self-worth.  Because the truth is, if you don’t feel worthy of applause, then you ultimately keep it from your life.

At the end of my long day, the hostess squeezed my shoulder and said, “You’re really good at this.”  I smiled and deflected it with a comment about how great her and her friends were for being so receptive to the readings.  She proceeded to say it a couple of more times.  “You are really really good at this, Angel.”  After about the third time, something clicked.  It was as if a voice inside said, “Hear her.”  And I did.  I finally heard what she was trying to tell me.  (See, I also have Leo issues.)  In that moment, I connected to my soul’s core and with my whole heart, welcomed her emotional gratitude and recognition of my talent.  I deemed myself worthy of her applause.  Full of warmth, I smiled and said “Thank you.”  I then packed up my things and left her home, feeling so wonderful for the opportunity to share my gifts with others.

Now is the time to shift focus and give yourself the attention you deserve

The Leo New Moon is here, and it wants us to connect with our deeper need to be accepted and loved for who we are and what we have to offer the world around us.  To best understand what our greatest gift is, we must look to the thing that brings us our purest joy.  Now I’m not talking about that bottle of wine you may suck back after a long day of work.  I am talking about that activity or time when pristine, soulful joy rises up and overcomes you.  It’s the specific thing that stimulates that place in your heart where creativity and romance lives.  And it’s where you need to open yourself up to receiving appreciation and respect.

This also means making yourself vulnerable to your personal truth.  Because if you are feeling disrespected or unacknowledged somewhere in your life, that may be Leo showing you that you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Your greatest gift is perhaps just lying dormant or is at least being underutilized.  If that’s the case, then now is the time to shift focus and give yourself the attention you deserve.

Let’s take a closer look at each sign and see how this could be affecting you:


You have quite a bit to gain from this new moon.  It begs the question, how do we make your joy front and center in your life?  How do you take the thing you enjoy doing most and make it your livelihood?  Specifically, when it involves connecting to the unique voice you have been working so hard to cultivate.  Or perhaps there’s a unique creative talent you have been fostering, but more so on the sidelines.  Well, it’s time to bring it to light in a big way.  You have something to offer that is yours and yours alone, and you must nurture your creative spirit as if you were a stage mom.  Love it.  Take care of it.  And then push it out onto the stage and watch as everyone smiles and applauds your little baby.


Right now, there is a lot of communication spinning about you and it’s forcing you to expand your mind.  But it’s not just about gaining information.  It’s about expanding your mentality so that you can think about and see yourself in a new, more brilliant light.  Your old, smaller way of thinking about yourself is no longer acceptable.  Now with this shift also comes the need to put yourself out there more, specifically through speaking and your written word.  This will give people a stronger taste of your ambitions and your deepest self, and this honesty will only draw more people into your light.  So do your best to get comfortable having a lot of eyes on you in the coming weeks.  If you can remember to keep fun and play in the mix of it all, you’ll find yourself able to step up to any challenge that comes your way.


There may be something that’s been weighing down on you, and it’s now time to get that monkey off your back.  Maybe you’re just unhappy with the way someone is treating you, or you feel that it’s time to be recognized for the extra work you’ve been putting in around the office.  Whatever the case, it’s time to put communication into the spotlight and make your needs the center of attention.  Sure, it can be scary to put yourself on the line, but I guarantee that the actual conversation will be far less scary than the one you’ve already imagined having over and over in your head.  And remember that you matter just as much as anyone else involved, so don’t be afraid to plant a flag in the ground and declare your wants.


This new moon may find you feeling a little funky, as if something was rotten in the world.  Well know that there is some inner personal growth going on for you right now, but with that comes a letting go of elements from your past that no longer serve you.  For some, it could be as easy as bidding farewell to those old shoes that have been stinking up your gym bag.  That would be the something rotten in your world.  For others of you, it may be time to let go of old habits, relationships, or jobs that just don’t have the spark they once did.  Really, all this means is that you’re growing up and into the next great chapter of your life.  So if you can remember that everything is happening for the reason of pushing you toward your greater goals, you will have an easier time saying goodbye to that which has hit its expiration date.


Today is your personal new start.  Hopefully you’ve been finding time to be more at home with yourself in the last few weeks and that you’ve also taken some time to get in touch with your inner self.  If you haven’t been on this page, don’t fret.  You have some more time.  But you need to get more in tune with your spirit side somehow, even if it’s just taking some walks or finding quiet time to write, read, or meditate.  Of course, if you’re already on that page, then you’re a bit ahead of your fellow Lions and will be more game for what’s to come.  So what is to come?  Well, it’s time to reclaim that spotlight once again and get noticed for being the creative, fiery genius.  I know you have a gift or talent that has been squashed a bit by work, family needs, or health troubles.  But do what you can to prepare for your star to shine brighter than it has in a while.  And don’t be afraid to demand everyone’s attention.  With your confidence back, no one will deny you.


Virgo’s can sometimes get a bad reputation for being over-analytical, too orderly, or strict.  But the most important thing to remember is that Virgo’s are also considered healers in the Zodiac.  They work intensely hard to be grounded and together so that they can then be present to assist those in need.  Well right now, I would venture to say that you’re entering a healer phase in your life.  You have been hard at work when it comes to healing yourself and focusing on your inner needs, and it is now time to turn your gifts onto someone else.  That mind of yours which is usually so keen to run and plan and organize now can find more time for peace and clarity.  In that way, you are able to be a beacon of hope and light for those in your world who need the support of a true angel.


It’s no secret that Libra’s have a gift with people.  They are able to make everyone they come into contact with feel important and paid attention to.  And they are just plain charming, so they bring people to ease.  And right now, especially in your career world, you are really feeling at home and making everyone you work with feel at real ease with any task at hand.  I think it’s because you are having a deeper relationship with yourself, so you’re expressing yourself from a more grounded perspective.  Now, the Leo new moon wants you to place an additional element into the fray.  Pay closer attention to the work you’re putting out into the world and make sure that it’s also doing something good for the world we live in.  Your humanitarian spirit wants to shine forth more, so how you can be a man for everyone, but in a way that isn’t directly offering you any sort of outcome.


This time in your life is one you will definitely look back on as a period of major growth and change.  Not only are you evolving on a deep, inner level, but aspects of your world are shifting in major ways.  Whether it’s career, your relationships, or your home life, things are moving in a way that feels a tad out of control.  But that is okay.  Know that the area of your life that is most on your mind now is actually where you’re getting more in tune with your life purpose.  You may say that it’s also where you feel the most confused or frustrated.  Well, that’s because being told what to do is never easy.  Well, just trust that something greater has your best interest at heart, so you can then place more focus on the chaos, go into it headfirst, collect the lessons at hand, and then rise up like the phoenix into the light of your success.


The new moon wants you to distract yourself.  Not with some random stranger.  Instead, it’s time to do your best to keep from getting caught up in the day to day.  You must ease up on yourself and allow for some exploration time.  What is the hobby you’ve put on the backburner?  Maybe you’ve had the travel bug and just need to get out of town for some sort of inspiration.  If that’s not possible, then a good book, movie, or nature walk is probably not too far and can be a day excursion.  You are in terrible need of a break from the monotony of life as well as some mental stimulation.  So try something you haven’t before.  Make the time to get adventure back into your life.  Don’t work and work until you crash out on the couch all weekend.  That is doing your soul a disservice.  Get out, enjoy life, and you won’t be so shocked when your life soon takes its next sudden, creative turn.


Could you think back to about five years ago and see how you started to experience a deep personal shift in some way?  You began to take yourself more seriously, started to feel like the work was getting harder or more abundant, and maybe even experienced a shift toward being a more soulful, thoughtful person.  Well, all that came with a stronger sense of commitment to yourself.  You have always worked toward your greater goals but you were finally able to see that you really do deserve to achieve.  Well, the one downfall to all this ambition may have been that you saw some of your relationships crumble.  Well, it’s time to make amends.  You may not be reconciling with someone from your past, but it just may be time to face some of your old demons through a current relationship.  Being vulnerable has never been your strong suit.  So use this new moon to put your emotions on the line, and let the honesty of your heart shine forth for someone to see.


Some of your closest relationships are coming to light with this new moon.  And it’s good timing, as you are finding yourself focusing more on your daily routine and trying to find one that really supports you.  Well, those who know you best can help you to figure out what you need everyday to be happy.  You just have to be willing to give them your ear, and your heart.  As an exercise, choose three people you have cared about in your life and connect with them.  Open yourself up and express what is going on with you and what you’re trying to accomplish for yourself.  Be honest.  And then allow creativity to flow, as two heads are better than one when devising a game plan for success.  I guarantee you will come out of this exercise with clarity, a sense of direction, and a stronger connection to those who love you.


Because of your sensitive and creative nature, others will be driven to take advantage of you.  They may read your slight “head in the clouds” demeanor as just not caring too much, so they will find a way to walk over you some.  So pay close attention, especially to those in your daily work life, and try to see who may just not have your best interest at heart.  Shine that new moon light all over your work world and surprise people with just how much you see.  And then use this fire to bring your creativity back to play.  Are you stifling your own inner fire just to keep the peace?  If so, then you need to channel that contained energy into some sort of artistic project.  Don’t allow yourself to get lost in other people’s goals.  Remember that you have your own goals to accomplish, so find a way to put yourself first again.  It may rock the boat, but the boat may just need some rocking.


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