The Idea of You and a New Moon in Libra


What’s the idea you have for yourself?

A few weeks ago, I got back from Minnesota where I was working as a producer on a feature film.  This is the first time that I have worked in this capacity on a movie, and the actual production process was rewarding, exhausting, and one of the most challenging experiences of my life.  And the hours were simply not cute.  Actually, neither was I after a couple days of it.  But my greatest struggle wasn’t sleep deprivation or maintaining my girlish figure amidst the tables of craft service.  Those were easy to manage in comparison to dealing with the internal question mark that arose over myself as the shoot wore on.

I went into this filming process thinking I had a pretty clear idea of myself.  I’m a 36-year-old man.  I got issues, but I know who I am.  However, through this journey, I was forced to question the ideas of me I had in place time and again.  For instance, I thought I was entirely compassionate when I’m actually a bit of a shady bitch.  My thought that I was cautious in my decision making actually read to others as uncertain and lacking in confidence.  And I saw that questioning my instincts was a constant epidemic of my mind, and it never lead to anything but disappointment.  Mostly, I realized that one shouldn’t just sit idly by, waiting on a ship to come in.  With that, all you do is grow old on some dock, watching as others go on about their lives.


When heavy trouble would arise on set, my go-to would be to just sit and observe.  Someone smarter would come along and handle.  But that mentality does nothing for one’s personal growth.  And sometimes, I am that someone smarter.  So I had to push myself to get involved.  No one was going to ask my opinion.  I had to force others to hear my voice.  Thus, I forced myself to hear my own voice and acknowledge it.  And that was something, with the exception of this blog, I had subtly squashed and put into submission as of late.

If we can’t see ourselves fresh every day, then we’re not giving ourselves the opportunity to truly evolve.

All this has allowed for a new me to emerge.  I’m bolder.  I’m more confident.  And I’m less afraid to speak up about what I feel with the fear of rejection hanging over me.  But this shift isn’t just about my actions.  It’s about mentality.  It’s about changing the idea I have of me.  This is a perfect kind of realization for the astrological climate around this new moon in Libra.

What’s the idea you have for yourself?  For one, there’s a sense of how we think we come across to others, which is usually a sharp difference from the actual truth.  We can also identify ourselves too much around a job, a relationship, or even our gender or sexual identity.  And sometimes, we labor to craft the perfect idea of what we think our lives should be.  We know the career we want or would excel at if we weren’t stuck in the one we were currently in, and we think it’s just a matter of time before the boss notices or the Universe opens the door to the right opportunity.  But really, that’s all bullshit.  If we can’t see ourselves fresh every day, then we’re not giving ourselves the opportunity to truly evolve.  We then can’t relate to others from an honest place.  And we rob ourselves of growth and attaining a true balance within which is really all Libra wants us to do.


The process of finding your balance can be wobbly at times, so it requires movement.

Libra craves and creates balance, especially in relationships with others.  But as people, we can only project a peaceful equilibrium and attract those who have one if we truly feel it inside.  Right now, the planets want us to meet a new idea for ourselves.  We need to be honest about what we’re looking for in our lives and stop letting our circumstances dictate what we feel, think, and do.  Each of us is a unique being with a set of lessons to take on.  So take a look at your life.  Are you connecting and activating your specific life plan, or are you just responding to the world and events around you?  If you’re not being active in the process, then you’re not achieving balance.  The process of finding your balance can be wobbly at times, so it requires movement.  Like in yoga, we must fall down when trying to hold a pose to fully know the strength and power of its opposition: complete stillness.

Let’s look more specifically at the signs and how this can be playing out for you:


Thankfully, you’re a ‘roll with the punches’ type or you wouldn’t be able to handle all of the shifts that have been or are starting to go on in your life right now.  And this era of change is not only affecting your internal self.  It feels like every area, from home life to career, is being pushed and tested in some way.  So how do you find balance in the midst of so much up and down?  You must seek out the people who help you connect to your most peaceful, zen self.  If you can invite them and their calm into your life more at this time, then you will navigate these waters more easily.  And you will find that their reflection is a way for you to see your own internal balance that is ready to take hold for you right now.


You should find yourself working hard these days, as a new, busier routine is starting to emerge.  And this newness brings a fresh crop of people into your life who all want to be a part of what you’re doing.  That’s not to mention all the relationships you have cemented over the past couple months with people you now want to have around you more.  So how to best handle all of the folks in your life right now?  It’s a spiritual thing.  Yes, we need people to push our business along or to help us pay our rent or mortgage, but now is a good time to place them all under spiritual scrutiny.  Are you working with people whose souls are in alignment with the way you want to be?  If not, then those relationships may be for the trash, as they are ultimately going to turn you, and the work, sour.


You can’t handle a life that feels small, but you also have to understand that you are the creator of your life.  So how to reconcile that?  Well first, ask yourself if the life you are living right now feels like a fraction of the one you want to be living.  If the answer is no, then just get to work on a fun creative project that sets up the opportunity to present your unique voice to the world.  But if the answer is yes, and life is feeling tiny and suffocating – well then, you need to sit down and uncover when you started thinking of yourself as undeserving of a grander life.  Was there a point where you told yourself you just needed to “get by” in some regard and that mentality stuck?  If so, how do you take the reigns back and create a stronger, more confident you?


You may have had some luck on your side as of late, or have at least found that you’re expanding your sense of self in a fun, unique way.  Most likely, it’s revolved around your ideas of career where you’re feeling a broader sense of what you can accomplish.  But in all, you’re doing things to help establish a new foundation for yourself.  And this new moon wants you to actively connect to that and make some sort of offering to your home or family life.  What is that area needs balance?  And what idea about it all have you been stuck in until now?  Is there someone in your family who you need to forgive so you can both move on?  Is there an aspect of your home that you’ve allowed to just be as it is when it really needs to be fixed, spruced up, or loved more?  Or is this about your personal foundation?  Is it time to stop telling yourself that you’re all fine and good when, at your core, you’re actually feeling a little uneven and in need of a minor overhaul?


You are on fire right now and feeling so go-go-go.  Ideas for your life seem to be coming out of left field, and you’re feeling inspired to shake things up in a larger way.  So don’t sit on this.  The planets are leading the charge in getting you to let go of old thought patterns and plans.  The larger goals can stay the same, but you should be seeing right now that the old way of trying to attain them is outdated.  Listen to every out-of-the-box idea that finds its way into your mind.  Get a little crazy and trust the omens you see in your nightly dreams.  It’s not gonna be easy and at times may feel like failure or starting over.  But really, it’s just using a different entryway into the same room.  Once you can see it from that perspective, you will illuminate the path to your next great success.


Your own personal uniqueness is bursting at the seams and is getting ready to emerge in a larger way.  Either you’re secretly crafting some sort of creative project, idea, or you’re even physically trying to or are close to giving birth.  This also could be an old piece of your self that’s been dormant but, as of late, has craved a reemergence.  Whatever the case, you have a part of yourself that you’re very excited to share with the world right now.  And you need to start tapping into your resources to gather the energy to release it.  I’m not just talking money and supplies.  You actually need to be socializing so as to let others know what’s up and gather the ideas and advice of those you trust.  To bring an important piece of yourself to life, you need others to help.  And just be okay if they help to shift the idea a bit.  If you resonate with their ideas, then you’re just being receptive to the gifts at hand.


Gone are the days where you could compartmentalize and have slightly separate home, work, and friend life personas.  You must now band all of your various selves together into one, super you.  It’s like Voltron or those other robot toys/cartoons from the 80’s where separate pieces came together to form one large fighting machine.  That’s you.  So start by choosing five elements of yourself that matter, i.e. writing, working out, going out, etc.  Then take stock of how balanced you allow all of these different areas to be in your life.  Is there a balance to them?  Are you 80/20 work/sleep and that’s it?  If so, how can you establish a greater balance that allows for some of these other important elements to join the mix?  Don’t worry about who this may displease.  Again, everyone needs to get to know the true, all-around you.  And if they don’t like it, then you need to be okay with that.  Or else, you’re secretly harboring judgment against yourself too.  And ain’t nobody got time for that.


Your daily routine is all over the place.  There is really no semblance of a “normal” life for you right now.  It all has you learning a ton, and you have a greater sense of responsibility for the person you want to be in the world.  But none of that business really matters when you just kind of want to bury your head in the sand and wait for the storm above to pass.  And it will, in good time.  So for now, how do you handle?  Well, you must must MUST be activating your spiritual side in a grand way.  Some of you may ask, “What the hell does that mean?”  I am talking deep meditation, candlelight yoga, hikes at sunset, having a conversation with God or Buddha or Oprah type shit.  With that, you will gain such a calm and surrender to everything, and you’ll find that the path of this current life shift will joyfully surprise you.  The alternative to this, and your go-to, is to just drink and drug your way through it.  And that, my friend, will only deafen you to the answers of every question at hand.


The planets want you to step outside of yourself and not get caught up in any of the  “real world” dramas surrounding your life right now.  And there may be plenty to get immersed in.  However, there is something larger at play.  The major shifts that are occurring around you are actually meant to push you to alter the image of what you thought your life was right now.  Know that the Universe is guiding you through a massive soul shift at this time, and it’s all going to be for the good.  You just have to let go and trust it.  More importantly, you have to be grateful for everything you do have going and turn to see where others may be experiencing lack.  To bring balance into your life, help another bring balance back into their life.  Go volunteer somewhere.  Take a friend in crisis for a massage or hike where talk of the crisis is not allowed.  Be that rock for someone you love, and the Universe will reward you with some peace of your own.


How is the relationship you have with your career going?  You have been experiencing such an internal awakening of some kind that I imagine your career life has got to be affected.  You see, by nature you are all about the long-term goal and will stop at nothing to achieve.  But as of late, there has been a bit more attention paid to your relationships, and your feelings, and your soul.  I know!  It’s just so weird for you.  So now it’s time to be okay with the somewhat mixed feelings this may have arisen around your career life.  You may not be looking to abandon it all together, though some of you do.  Mostly, it means you can’t operate in the way you always have up until now.  The rest of your life is just as important and the proper time needs to be made for it.  And more so, the people you love.   So try to shift something in your career sphere.  So “no” when you would normally say “yes” to something, or vice versa.  Take a risk that feels incredibly stupid.  Or just try being brutally honest with yourself about how you feel when it comes to your work right now.


Sometimes you Aquarius’s like to argue for the sake of it, though it’s usually from a place of wanting to present a unique or never thought of perspective.  But sometimes, this can actually cause you to bypass a moment of attaining some new knowledge.  And right now, the Universe wants you to be a bit of a student and gather some new insights from odd places.  So strike up conversation with trusted folks about ideas or topics that interest you.  Or ask questions of others when they go in on some piece of literature or music they currently love.  Try to visit some places you have never thought of going to before.  In all, by allowing yourself to be open and curious, you will tap into new ideas that will come in handy for yourself and projects or work you have coming up.  And it will be very soon that you the student will be called upon to alchemize all you’ve learned and teach it in your own special way.


Don’t let yourself fight the new you that wants to emerge.  You’re not usually the stubborn type, but right now your life is trying to shift and you may be having trouble accepting it.  The worst thing you could do would be to vanish into your imagination to try and wait it out.  You must pay attention to the changes at hand and respond.  Thankfully, you have creativity on your side right now.  You’re able at this time to come up with interesting solutions to problems and birth new creations that will embody the essence of your core being.  And that’s pretty cool.  So why would you try to hinder that?  However you have to channel this frustration or confusion, do it, and the more creative the better.  I know the current process of change all feels like a death of some kind.  But with that will come a rebirth into a more polished, realized version of you.  So embrace everything that wants to happen, and I promise that it will all crystallize soon into something beautiful.


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